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Disease Reservoirs And Transmission
What is the chain of infection,
What is a reservoir,
What is a reservoir
21  cards
Epi Curves and Determinants of Disease
What is a latent period,
What is the incuation period,
Define infectious
40  cards
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Define an emerging disease,
Define a re emerging disease,
How are diseases detected
28  cards
Veterinary Disaster Management
What is the un definition of a di...,
What is the definition of a disas...,
What are the two types of disasters
49  cards
Regulatory Animal Diseases & USDA Accreditation
What is a major disease concernin...,
How do practicing vets help regul...,
How are diseases chosen to be on ...
23  cards
Risk Communication
What is risk,
What does dr sandman say is the m...
16  cards
Intro to Zoonoses
What is anthroponoses,
What is a zoonoses,
Are all reportable animal disease...
8  cards
What is surveillance,
What are the main goals of survei...,
What are the 5 purposes of survei...
32  cards
Prevention, Control and Eradication
What are the 3 different levels o...,
What is primary prevention,
What are 3 examples of primary pr...
27  cards
Zoonotic and Transboundary Diseases
0  cards
Respiratory Diseases
What are the 3 enzootic bacterial...,
What is so dangerous about the ca...,
What are 3 main species affected ...
65  cards
Zoonoses of Carnivores
How are toxoplasma oocysts excret...,
How long do toxoplasma oocysts ta...,
How are humans exposed to oocysts...
30  cards
Zoonotic Mites, Ticks, Fleas and Their Diseases
For what reason will many ectopar...,
T f mites have a preference but w...,
Why is sarcoptes so itchy
45  cards
Mosquito Borne Zoonoses
What are the most important vecto...,
What are mosquitoes an anthropono...,
What are mosquitoes a mostly anth...
33  cards
Flies and Percutaneous Zoonoses
0  cards

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