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Drug Discovery And Development
What occured in the rinderpest ca...,
What is rinderpest,
What happened in the anthrax outb...
91  cards
Strucutre Activity Relationships
What is the use of sars,
What is needed for a pharmacophore,
What happens to pharmacophore i t...
19  cards
What does adme stand for,
What is absorption,
What is distribution
34  cards
Distribution And Metabolism
How are drug molecules enterin ta...,
What is passive diffusion,
What happens during facilitated i...
17  cards
Excretion, Pharmacodynamics, Interactions
Where do drugs metabolites and co...,
How does excretion through the ki...,
How does tubular secretion work
9  cards
Anti Parasitics And Role In Parasite Control
Why is veterinary parasite chemot...,
What is environmental engineering,
What is vector control
29  cards
Resposnible Use 0f Antibiotics
What are the three types of parasite,
What a re the classes of antipara...,
What are the characteristics of a...
17  cards
Diagnosis - Why Drugs
Why do we se drugs,
For treatment and control to be e...,
What does aietology mean
23  cards
What is the issue with antibiotic...,
What is antibiotics mode of action,
Where do bacteria attack
25  cards
Responsible Ue Of Antibiotcs
What to do when having to deal wi...,
What happens if you sue a antibio...,
What is the 2 pronged attack when...
8  cards
Veterianry Vaccines
What a vaccines mode of action,
What are humoral immunity,
What is cell mediated based n
36  cards
Anti-inflammaotry Drugs
What are anti inflammatory drugs,
Symptoms of inflammation,
What does acute inflammation secrete
30  cards

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