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What is menopause,
Age of menopause,
What is early menopause
51  cards
What is the moa of cocs,
What are the norethisterone group...,
What is the preferred progestogen...
27  cards
Endometrial Cancer
What type of cancer is endometria...,
How does endometrial cancer usual...,
Who is mostly affected by endomet...
21  cards
Foetal Death (Recurrent Miscarriage, Stillbirth)
What is abortion,
What is the incidence of spontane...,
What causes many early spontaneou...
73  cards
Maternal Physiology (Pregnancy)
What is the purpose of maternal c...,
What are the cv anatomic changes ...,
What is the primary functional ch...
54  cards
Maternal-Foetal and Placental Physiology
What is the primary metabolic sub...,
How is glucose transferred across...,
How are amino acids transferred a...
40  cards
What is iugr,
What is sfd,
What is the short term clinical s...
16  cards
Obesity Diabetes Pregnancy
What are problems associated with...,
How does obesity relate to neural...,
What other congenital abnormaliti...
22  cards
Components of female fertility hi...,
Components of male fertility history,
What are the broad components of ...
36  cards
Infectious disease in Pregnancy
What antenatal inectious disease ...,
What are the routes of transmission,
Intervention if maternal hbsag ve
51  cards
Rhesus and allo immunisation
First antenatal visit steps,
If heterozygous partner how to ge...,
Antenatal care for low risk isoim...
23  cards
Hypertension in Pregnancy
What are the cv adaptations to pr...,
What causes the decrease in tpr d...,
How does bp change throughout pre...
65  cards
Anaesthesia and Pregnant Woman
What are the major cv physiologic...,
What are the ecg changes of pregn...,
What is the compensation that occ...
37  cards
Antenatal Care
What are the 3 steps of pre pregn...,
What routine investigations shoul...,
General advice pharmacological in...
16  cards
Postnatal Care, Lactation and Maternal Problems
What is lochia,
What are the genital tract change...,
What are the haem cv changes afte...
38  cards
Assessment of Foetal Wellbeing
What are the us parameters used i...,
What is foetal biometry,
What is the amniotic fluid index
35  cards
Maternal Mortality and Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
What are direct maternal deaths,
What are indirect maternal deaths,
What are the resuscitation consid...
21  cards
Normal Infant First Week
0  cards
Small or Preterm Baby
What is low birthweight,
What is low birthweight,
What is very low birthweight
32  cards
Terms and Definitions
Para parity
96  cards
Antenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Abnormalities
What process does cfdna use to de...,
When is cfdna available from,
What is the turnaround time for c...
31  cards
Endometriosis and Dysmenorrhoea
What is dysmenorrhoea,
What is dyspareunia,
What is dyschezia
27  cards
Preterm labour
What is term,
What is post term,
49  cards
Preconception Counselling (PreTest Notes)
How does an initial spontaneous a...,
What proportion of spontaneous ab...,
What is the most common group of ...
48  cards
Presentation: Pelvic Pain
What provides innovation to the v...,
What innervates the uterus tubes ...,
What processes may lead to pelvic...
28  cards
Who is suitable for a planned vbac,
What are the contraindications to...,
Can women with 2 previous caesars...
16  cards
Pelvic Infection
What is pid,
What does infection of the cervix...,
What is the common progression fr...
17  cards
Multiple Pregnancy
What proportion of twin births re...,
What factors predispose to multip...,
What maternal age bracket confers...
17  cards
Vulvar and Vaginal Cancers
How is vulvar cancer different to...,
What are the most common cancers ...,
Rfx vulvar cancer
7  cards
What is aph,
What is the leading cause of peri...,
How is aph classified
36  cards
Induction and Augmentation of Labour
What is induction of labour cf au...,
What must be considered in decidi...,
What are the reasons to induce la...
24  cards
Post Term Pregnancy
What is post term pregnancy,
Which women are at highest risk o...,
What are the modest rfx for post ...
12  cards
Newborn: Routine Care and Resuscitation
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is the apgar system,
What are the signs assessed by apgar
18  cards
What is post partum endometritis,
What are the common aetiologies o...,
Rfx for postpartum endometritis
8  cards
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Average blood loss per menstrual ...,
Average length of menses,
What is menorrhagia
38  cards
What is pph,
Blood loss for pph,
By what mechanisms is haemostasis...
16  cards
Normal Labour and Delivery (inc 3rd stage active Mx)
What are signs of placental separ...,
What does active management of th...,
Complications of incorrect cord t...
5  cards
Urinary Incontinence
What are the causes of incontinence,
Hx to elicit in incontinence eval...,
What medications should be asked ...
14  cards
Prolapse and Pelvic Support Defects
What is delancey level 1 of pelvi...,
What is delancey level 2 of pelvi...,
What is delancey level 3 of pelvi...
14  cards

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