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The Peopling of the World - Chapter 1
Explain the origins, development, and achievements of early human beings.
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Early River Valley Civilizations - Chapter 2
Analyze the process by which early peoples organized their societies and built advanced civilizations.
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People and Ideas on the Move - Chapter 3
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First Age of Empires - Chapter 4
Analyze the development of the first large empires in Africa and Asia between 1570 B.C. and 200 B.C.
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Classical Greece - Chapter 5
Study the history and culture of classical Greece and analyze its impact on the modern world.
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Ancient Rome and Early Christianity - Chapter 6
Trace the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and analyze its impact on culture, government, and religion.
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India and China Established Empires - Chapter 7
Compare the establishment and development of empires in India and China.
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African Civilizations - Chapter 8
Analyze ways that ancient African cultures adapted to their harsh environments, established powerful kingdoms, and spread cultures through major migrations.
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The Americas: A separate World - Chapter 9
Examine how early American civilizations influenced future societies and cultures.
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The Muslim World - Chapter 10
Analyze the spread of Islam and achievements of the Muslim world between 600 and 1250.
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Byzantines, Russians, and Turks Interact - Chapter 11
Examine the rise and interaction of Byzantine, Russian, and Turkish civilizations in Central Asia.
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Empires in East Asia - Chapter 12
Study East Asian empires and analyze the movement of people and ideas among them.
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European Middle Ages - Chapter 13
Compare and contrast the authority of the Church with that of various secular rulers in the Middle Ages.
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The Formation of Western Europe - Chapter 14
Trace the events that led to the development of Western Europe.
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Societies and Empires of Africa - Chapter 15
Examine the development of early African societies, from hunting-gathering groups to empires.
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People and Empires in the Americas - Chapter 16
Study the empires and peoples that existed in the Americas before the arrival of Europeans.
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European Renaissance and Reformation - Chapter 17
Analyze the new ideas and values that led to the Renaissance and the Reformation.
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The Muslim World Expands - Chapter 18
Analyze the causes of the rise and decline of Muslim empires between 1300 and 1700.
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An Age of Exploration and Isolation - Chapter 19
Examine the era of European and Chinese exploration and the events that caused Japan and China to withdraw into isolation.
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The Atlantic World - Chapter 20
Analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization of the Americas.
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Absolute Monarchs in Europe - Chapter 21
Study the development of absolute and constitutional monarchies in Europe from 1500 until 1800.
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Enlightenment and Revolution - Chapter 22
Analyze events that led Enlightenment scientists and thinkers to question old ideas and to revolutionize the arts, religion, government, and society.
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The French Revolution and Napoleon - Chapter 23
Analyze the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, and the Congress of Vienna.
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Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West - Chapter 24
Examine the great shifts in thinking that altered politics and the arts during the period 1789-1900.
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The Industrial Revolution - Chapter 25
Trace key events of the Industrial Revolution and analyze how these affected economics and politics.
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An Age of Democracy and Progress - Chapter 26
Trace the spread of democratic ideals and industrial and scientific progress in the 19th century.
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The Age of Imperialism - Chapter 27
Trace the spread of European influence through colonial expansion.
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Transformations Around the Globe - Chapter 28
Analyze the effects of imperialism, economic instability, and revolution on developing nations.
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The Great War - Chapter 29
Summarize the causes, events, and effects of World War I.
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Revolution and Nationalism - Chapter 30
Analyze the evolution of conflict between revolutionaries and nationalists before, during, and after World War I.
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Years of Crisis - Chapter 31
Analyze the economic, political, social, and scientific changes that brought the world to the brink of a second world war.
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World War II - Chapter 32
Analyze the causes and results of World War II.
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Reconstructing the Postwar World - Chapter 33
Analyze the conflicts between competing economic systems and the restructuring of alliances from 1945 to the present.
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The Colonies Become New Nations - Chapter 34
Trace independence movements and political conflicts in Africa and Asia as colonialism gave way after World War II.
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Struggles for Democracy - Chapter 35
Understand struggles for change in Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet bloc, and China.
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Global Independence - Chapter 36
Explain the variety of ways in which global interdependence affects people's lives.
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