year 1: os exam 1

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DSA 1: Critical Clinical Observation
Describe mesomorphic body type,
Describe ectomorphic body type,
Describe endomorphic body type
11  cards
DSA 2: Five Osteopathic Models
What systems are involved in biom...,
What systems are involved in neur...,
What systems are involved in resp...
5  cards
DSA 3: History of Osteopathy
When did at still flung the banne...,
When did at still coin the term o...,
What year was the first american ...
20  cards
Lecture 1: Introduction to Somatic Dysfunction
What are the osteopathic tenets,
What is somatic dysfunction,
What does tart stand for
11  cards
Lecture 2: Motion Dynamics
What happens in sagittal plane,
What is the axis of the sagittal ...,
What happens in transverse plane
18  cards
Lecture 3: Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release
What is viscoelastic material,
What is stress,
What is strain
25  cards
Lecture 4: Multicultural and Post Traumatic Patients
What was the six point plan the l...,
How can you create a welcoming en...,
Who should be screened for violence
8  cards
Lecture 5: Muscle Energy and Articulatory Principles
What type of technique is muscle ...,
What is the goal of eccentric con...,
What is the goal of concentric co...
29  cards
Lab 2: Ranges of Motions
What is wrist rom for flexion,
What is wrist rom for extension,
What is wrist rom for adduction
36  cards
Lab 3: Soft Tissue
Thoracic prone pressure with coun...,
Lower thoracic under the shoulder...,
Cervical suboccipital release
17  cards
Lab 4: Myofascial Release OSCE
Cervical mfr inr,
Knee mfr inr,
Hip region mfr inr
13  cards
Lab 5: Shoulder Treatments OSCE
Gh joint flexion extension met,
Gh joint ir er met,
Gh joint abduction adduction met
23  cards
Lab 5: Shoulder Random Stuff OSCE
Shoulder structures,
Shoulder joints,
Scapular motion testing rotation
8  cards
Lab 6: Elbow and Hand Treatments OSCE
Elbow extension met,
Elbow flexion met,
Elbow adduction met
15  cards
Lab 6: Elbow and Hand Clinical Considerations + Random Stuff OSCE
Anterior radial head,
Posterior radial head,
Wrist flexion
20  cards
Lab 7: Hip Treatments OSCE
Hip flexion sd met,
Hamstring hypertonicity sd met,
Gluteus hypertonicity sd met
8  cards
Lab 8: Knee Treatments OSCE
Ir er evaluation of knee,
Er tibiofemoral sd met,
Ir tibiofemoral sd met
11  cards
Lab 9: Ankle and Foot Treatments OSCE
Distal fibular anterior art,
Distal fibular posterior art,
Dorsiflexed talus sd met
8  cards
OS Fall 2019 Midterm
What are the 7 components of the ...,
What plane and axis are used in s...,
What plane and axis are used in f...
154  cards
Osteopathy History Lecture
Father of antiseptic surgery,
Joseph lister reduced surgical mo...,
John snow
13  cards
Name the first osteopathic principle,
How old was drew still when he ma...,
Who was the 1st person to use ste...
47  cards
All ROMs
Lumbar flexion,
Lumbar extension,
Lumbar sidebending
37  cards
2.1 DSA: Low Back Pain
Acute vs sub acute vs chronic,
Subjective red flags for lbp,
Objective red flags for lbp
32  cards
1. Thoracic & Lumbar Spinal Mechanics
Describe the body of the thoracic...,
Describe the spinous processes of...,
Describe the body of the lumbar v...
32  cards
2.1 DSA: Thoracic And Lumbar Spine Mechanics
Curvatures associated with the 4 ...,
Describe bodies of thoracic verte...,
Describe spinous processes of tho...
107  cards
2.1 Thoracic and Lumbar spinal mechanics
Which areas of the spine have lor...,
Describe thoracic vertebra,
Describe lumbar vertebra
74  cards
2.3 Chapmans Reflexes
Describe a monosynaptic reflex,
Where is the cell body in the aff...,
2 types of primary afferents
87  cards
2.4 Cervical Dx and Tx
Hangman s fracture,
While viewing ap radiograph spino...,
While viewing ap radiograph of c ...
38  cards
2.4 Cervical Spine Dx and Tx: MET, ART
Compression test,
Spurlings maneuver,
The oa joint is considered what k...
17  cards
2.4 Cervical Spine SD Diagnosis
How many cervical vertebrae are t...,
Where do the nerves exit in cervi...,
Describe the atlas
19  cards
2.4 OSCE: Cervical Spine Treatments
Comprehension test,
Spurling s maneuver,
Oa c0 c1 articulation met
12  cards
2.5 Lymphatics
Who first described the lymphatic...,
When did at still emphasize that ...,
Who and when was applied anatomy ...
88  cards
2.5 OSCE Lymphatics
Fluid pump locations,
Evaluation of cranial cervical jxn,
Evaluation of cervical thoracic jxn
27  cards
2.6 Intro BLT/FPR/Stills
Who developed blt,
Dr sutherland stated that osteopa...,
Indications for blt
25  cards
2.6 Intro to BLT, Still's and FPR
What are the direct omt techniques 6,
What are the combination omt tech...,
What are the indirect omt techniq...
44  cards
2.6 OSCE BLT, FPR, Still’s for the Thoracic & Lumbar Spine
Blt upper thoracics supine,
Blt lower thoracic seated,
Blt thoracic lumbar prone
12  cards
2.7 OSCE: Exercise Prescription
Balance training,
Quadricpes and recturs femoris st...,
Iliopsoas stretch
31  cards
Lecture 6: Exercise Prescription
Exercise recommendations,
Exercise recommendations pregnancy,
Sherrington s law of reciprocal i...
19  cards
3. DSA- Ribs
The _______ of a typical rib arti...,
______ area of the rib between th...,
______ area of the rib that artic...
42  cards

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