year 1- principles of disease (fom)

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Introduction to Microbiology
List the categories of microorgan...,
Name the three domains of life,
What is microbiology
42  cards
Introduction to Bacteria
What do you need to use to see th...,
Discuss the structure of a bacter...,
What are fimbriae
41  cards
Introduction to Viruses
What size are viruses,
Viruses are non cellular what doe...,
Name the three structures a virus...
44  cards
Principles of Immunisation
What of infant mortality under th...,
Name the two subdivions of immuinity,
Name the two subdivions of
57  cards
Introduction to Parasites
Define parasite,
Where are parasites most commonly...,
Parasites may do two things relat...
58  cards
Clinically Relevant Gram Positives
What is peptidoglycan,
Which gram cell wall is more complex,
Name some features of the cell wa...
58  cards
Clinically Relevant Gram Negatives
What is meant by strict aerobes,
What is meant by microaerophilic ...,
What is meant if a type of bacter...
76  cards
Introduction to Fungi.
What types of life can fungi infect,
What is a fungus,
Describe the cell wall of a fungus
53  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
What is the product of a mould,
What is meant if an organism is t...,
What are antibiotics active against
44  cards
Pathogens and Hosts
Make a list of the signs and symp...,
What is a pathogen,
What is a commensal
38  cards
Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease
What is automimmune disease,
What is the loss of tolerance to ...,
What may damage in different auto...
43  cards
Acute Inflammation
Define acute inflammation,
What is acute inflammation,
List some cardinal signs of infla...
101  cards
Chronic Inflammation
Define chronic inflmmation,
Discuss the cell types which are ...,
What happens to tissues and organ...
44  cards
What is Cancer?
Cancer occurs as a result of,
Name the three type of cancer cells,
Describe epithelial cells
63  cards
Invasive Cancer
How are organs defined,
How are organs defined,
What is the extracellular matrix
53  cards
What is chemotherapy,
What is the aim of chemotherapy,
What cells are impacted by chemo
47  cards
Physioloical Thrombosis
What is in the lumen of the artery,
What cells line the lumen,
Describe the structure of the lumen
52  cards
Pathological Thrombosis
When does pathological thrombosis...,
What are the three main causes of...,
What are the main arteries in the...
31  cards
Circulation Shock
What is circulatory shock,
In practice shock,
Arteries have elastic tissue suro...
29  cards
Therapeutic Treatments- cancer
What are the two types of therape...,
Name some of prevention options t...,
Name some of the treatments of ca...
25  cards
Describe the structure of a chrom...,
What are the ends of the chromoso...,
What are the functions of telomeres
50  cards
Meiosis and X Inactivation
What happens in the process of me...,
In meiosis chromosomes can be rea...,
Describe meiosis
18  cards
Storing and Using Genetic Information
Define phenotype,
Define genotype,
What doeenthe function of ptoyrin...
28  cards
Mutations and Genetic Analysis
Name the four subtopics of chromo...,
Describe numerical chromosomal ab...,
Describe structural chromosomal a...
66  cards
Estimating Risk of Inherited Genetic Disease
Define fitness,
When can alleles affect fitness,
If an allele increases reproducti...
37  cards
Genetic Predisposition to Cancer
What are somatic mutations,
Where do somatic mutations occur,
Are somatic mutations inheritable
40  cards
Non-Mendelian Inheritence
Define incomplete penetrance,
What are the mechanisms for incom...,
Define genomic imprinnting
26  cards
Define drug,
What is the outcome of the drug t...,
When does the pharmacological res...
50  cards
Absorption and Distribution
What is absorption,
Where is the site of absorption u...,
Name some of the factors which ma...
46  cards
Metabolism and Excretion
Define xenobiotics,
Give examples of xenobiotics,
Describe the three ways in which ...
33  cards
Medication Safety
Define a simple system,
Define a complicated system,
Define a comlex system
8  cards
Clinical Trial Design
Why are clinical trials important,
List some problems with observati...,
Who regulates clinical trials
26  cards
What is an xray,
How short is the wavelength for x...,
What is one of the main problems ...
42  cards
Injury and Post Mortem
Name the three layers of the skin,
Give three examples of blunt forc...,
What is another word for bruising
27  cards
Mendelian Inheritence
Is huntington s disease recessive...,
How does huntington s disease eff...,
Is sickle cell disease dominant o...
7  cards
Tumour Pathology 1- updated cards
Name the three places our tissues...,
Which types of tissues are derive...,
Which types of cell are derived f...
26  cards
Tumour Pathology 2- updated cards
Describe the behaviour of normal ...,
Describe the behaviour of cancer ...,
How do cancer cells avoid immune ...
19  cards
Tumour Pathology 3- updated cards
What can benign tumours cause to ...,
What happens when malignant tumou...,
One way of thinking of the effect...
16  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
When is a microorganism considere...
81  cards
Acute Inflammation Revised
What is acute inflammation,
Name the five cardinal signs of i...,
74  cards

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