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Causes Of World War 1 // Militarism
What is the definition of militarism,
What armies had increased signifi...,
In 1914 what was the size of germ...
14  cards
Causes Of World War 1 // Alliances
What is the definition of an alli...,
Who were the countries bound toge...,
Who were the countries bound toge...
4  cards
Causes Of World War 1 // Imperialism
What the definition of imperialism,
How did imperialism contribute to...
2  cards
Causes Of World War 1 // Nationalism
What is the definition of nationa...,
What was the first way nationalis...,
What was the second way nationali...
3  cards
The Beginning Of WW1 Timeline // Causes
What happened on the 28th of june...,
When did princip shoot the archdu...,
What happened on the 28th of july...
15  cards
Lice - WW1
Why did the soldiers develop lice,
What could lice cause,
What are the symptoms of trench f...
12  cards
WW1 and Holocaust Key Terms
What is the definition of zero hour,
What is the definition of going o...,
As ww1 offensives generally susta...
6  cards
Trench foot - WW1
What was trenchfoot caused by,
What could happen to a soldiers foot,
How could you avoid trench foot
3  cards
Gases Used - WW1
What types of gas did they use in...,
What did these gases do to the so...,
How were the soldiers warned of t...
6  cards
Questions From WW1 Cassette Tape
How old had you to be to go over ...,
Enlistment how old was the guy in...,
Enlistment what was the popular v...
26  cards
Age Of Soldiers Goin To War In WW1
How old and tall had a man wishin...
1  cards
Recruitment and Conscription - WW1
Where did recruiting offices open,
What happened to men who were sus...,
When the war was declared what di...
20  cards
About The Royal Flying Corps and shelling German trenches before Somme And Why America Joined And Russia Left (Research) - WW1
The royal flying corps was set up...,
His long did the british shell th...,
Why did america join the war
4  cards
Weapons - WW1
List the types of weapon in ww1,
What does artillery mean,
Why did the bayonet become an old...
28  cards
Holocaust - How Lives Of Jews Changed
In terms of education how did a j...,
In terms of jobs how did a jews l...,
How were the jews made to feel di...
3  cards
Holocaust - Why The Nazis Hated The Jews
Give a few reasons as to why the ...
1  cards
Holocaust - The Term The Germans Referred To The Jews As
What was the term the germans ref...
1  cards
The Final Solution
What was the final solution,
What kind of attititude did the n...,
What words did the nazis use in t...
13  cards
Holocaust - Groups Who Were Perseccuted By The Nazis
Name of group the racist state st...,
Name of group ideological optical...,
Name of group homosexuals state w...
9  cards
Name Of Trial After War
What was the the trial after the ...,
What did the nuremberg laws take ...
2  cards
Holocaust - Definitions
Final solution,
Wannsee conference
3  cards
Holocaust - Slogan At Auschwitz
What did the slogan on the gate o...
1  cards
Holocaust What Was A Standing Cell
What were standing cells
1  cards
Holocaust - Genocide Since WW2 - DO NOT NEED
What is this geneside called,
When dit it begin,
Is it still taking place
7  cards
Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Worksheet - WW1
How many dearth were there on ww1,
What was the name of the gang who...,
How old was gavrilo princip
12  cards
About The Trenches / Diagram Of A Trench - WW1
Usually how deep were frontline t...,
What did each trench have and why,
What did the thick lime of sandba...
9  cards
Trench Warfare
By the end of 1914 where did the ...,
This line of trenches was what,
What happened in time to the tren...
21  cards
Which Countries Were In Particular Alliances
Which countries were in the tripl...,
Which countries were in the tripl...
2  cards
Life In The Trenches - Why Men Went Into No-Mans Land At Night
What would happen at night and why
1  cards
WW1 - Life In The Trenches
What was trench foot caused by,
Why did solders develop lice what...,
What did soldiers have to do at n...
11  cards
Explosive Material For World War One
List the first 3 explosive materi...,
List the second 3 explosive mater...,
List the final 3 explosive materi...
3  cards
Worksheet On Life In The Trenches From Active History
Give three reasons why so many me...,
Training how did trench warfare c...,
Up the line why did the trenches ...
20  cards
Rats - WW1
Why were there so many trench rat...,
How big could trench rats grow,
Which part of the body would the ...
5  cards
Shell Shock - WW1
What was the underlying cause of ...,
What did shell shock affect a sol...,
How did shell shock affect a sold...
3  cards
Censorship & Propaganda - WW1
Why were letters from the soldier...,
What information was censored and...,
What is the definition of censorship
10  cards
The 5W's On The Battle Of The Somme
What were the results,
Where did it take place
5  cards
Events Leading To The Somme
What happened on the 10th of dece...,
What happened in december 1915,
What happened in february 1916
5  cards
WW1 - The Schlieffen Plan
What was the schlieffen plan
1  cards
How WW1 Ended
How did ww1 end
1  cards
Nazi Racial Policies - Persecution Of The Jews In 1930's - Holocaust
The nazis were obsessed with the ...,
What did the nazis believe german...,
In contrast what did nazis view j...
14  cards
Life In A Concentration Camp
How did they get to the camp,
Explain what they did in camp,
Explain what they ate
4  cards
What Was Blighty One?
What was blighty one
1  cards
Suffragetes - Restrictions Facing Women In The 19th And 20th Centuries - IN EXAM
Talk about the role of mothers in...,
Talk about the jobs women had in ...,
Talk about the university educati...
5  cards
Suffragettes - The Pankhursts, Emily Davison & Constance Lytton - IN EXAM
Who were the pankhursts,
Who was emily davison and what di...,
Who was constance lytton and what...
3  cards
Suffragettes - Women's Social And Political Union Tactics From 1903-1918 - IN EXAM
How many different types of tacti...,
What were the 2 different types o...,
Explain the well known constituti...
6  cards
Suffragettes - Why Did Women Get The Vote - IN EXAM
When did women get the vote,
Explain the first reason why wome...,
Explain the second reason women g...
3  cards
Jazz Age - Key Terms - IN EXAM
Wall street crash,
Great depression
4  cards
Jazz Age - Key Dates - IN EXAM
What happened in 1922,
What happened in 1923,
What happened in 1927
5  cards
Jazz Age - New Hobbies - IN EXAM
Explain the new hobby of dancing,
Explain the new crazes and fads,
Talk about the new found hobby of...
13  cards
Jazz Age - Why Did The Jazz Age Come To An End - IN EXAM
What were the 1920 s or jazz age ...,
Following he horrors of world war...,
How were good times taking off in...
8  cards
The Rise Of The Nazis - Create a timeline of Nazi actions 1920 to 1929 - IN EXAM
0  cards
The Rise Of The Nazis - Key Terms And People - IN EXAM
Definition of 25 point program,
Give a few examples of points on ...,
What did goebbels do
6  cards
The Rise Of The Nazis - Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor In 1933 - IN EXAM
Explain the links between unemplo...,
Explain the links between unemplo...,
What were the 2 main reasons hitl...
4  cards
The Rise Of The Nazis - Timeline On Hitler - IN EXAM
What happened in 1889,
What happened in 1909,
What happened in 1914
9  cards

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