year 5 - obstetrics and gynaecology

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Amniotic Fluid Embolism
Define amniotic fluid embolism,
How common is afe,
What is the aetiology rfs for afe
9  cards
Anatomy, Physiology and Embryogenesis
What of pregnancies miscarry in f...,
What is the diagnosis
85  cards
Antenatal steroids
What are the benefits of steroids...,
What are
4  cards
Anaemia in pregnancy
What type of anaemia occurs in pr...,
What are the less common causes o...,
What is the pathophysiology of an...
13  cards
Asthma in pregnancy
When do most exacerbations of ast...,
How common is asthma in pregnant ...,
What are the complications of poo...
12  cards
Cardiac disease in pregnancy
What is the pre conception manage...,
What symtoms should you check for...,
What classification is used for a...
33  cards
Depression in pregnancy
How common is depression in pregn...,
What are the risk factors for dep...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
13  cards
Diabetes in pregnancy
What are the two most common medi...,
How common is gestational diabetes,
What are the risk factors for ga
21  cards
Epilepsy in pregnancy
What is the main principle of epi...,
What is the effect of pregnancy o...,
Why might seizures increase in fr...
14  cards
Foetal procedures (incl. CTG, growth scans, dopplers)
What is the 3 6 9 12 15 rule for ...,
What is a ctg,
How does the ctg work
55  cards
Foetal distress in labour (incl. fetal blood sampling)
Define foetal distress,
What is the aetiology of fetal di...,
What are the risk factors for fet...
17  cards
Hypertensive disease in pregnancy (incl. pre-eclampsia and eclampsia)
Define hypertension in pregnancy,
What is chronic hypertension,
How common is pre existing hypert...
61  cards
Infection in pregnancy - CMV, VZV, rubella, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis
What type of virus is rubella virus,
What is the trend in immunity to ...,
Why do we not screen for rubella ...
52  cards
Infection in pregnancy - GBS, HIV, syphilis, HCV, HBV, HSV, PVB19, Listeria, Malaria
What infections are tested for an...,
What are the complications of syp...,
Does risk of congenital syphilis ...
74  cards
Malposition & Malpresentation (incl. breech, unstable lie, ECV)
What is a breech presentation,
What are the types of breech pres...,
How common is breech presentation...
25  cards
Define lga,
What are the causes of lga,
How do you diagnose lga
27  cards
Antenatal care timetable
How many antenatal visits for the...,
When does the booking visit ideal...,
What is done during the booking v...
23  cards
Labour (term, preterm)
What is the mechanism of labour,
Define lie,
Define engagement
56  cards
Liver disease in pregnancy (incl. obstetric cholestasis, acute fatty liver)
What is the intrapartum managemen...,
What is the prognosis of obstetri...
18  cards
Maternal sepsis
1  cards
Multiple pregnancy
How common are twin pregnancies,
What is a key risk factor for mul...,
What are the two types of twins
35  cards
Obesity in pregnancy
Define overweight and obese,
How common is obesity in pregnancy,
When are pregnant women weighed
11  cards
Oligohydramnios & Polyhydramnios
Define oligohydramnios and polyhy...,
What is the peak amniotic fluid v...,
Describe the normal circulation o...
25  cards
Perinatal mortality and maternal mortality
What is the rate of perinatal mor...,
What are the main causes of perin...,
Define stillbirth
13  cards
Perineal tears
What are 4 risk factors for perin...,
Define a first degree perineal tear,
Define second degree perineal tea...
9  cards
Placental abruption
Define placental abruption,
What are the types of placental a...,
How common is placental abruption
15  cards
Placenta praevia
Define placenta pra,
How common is placenta praevia at...,
What are the risk factors for pla...
18  cards
Postpartum haemorrhage
What is the most likely cause of ...,
Define postpartum haemorrhage,
When does primary pph occur
19  cards
Premature rupture of membranes (term/PROM, preterm/PPROM)
What are the three main causes of...,
What is p prom,
What is prom
20  cards
Procedure: normal, complex and operative deliveries
What are the advantages of vagina...,
What are the disadvantages of vag...,
Which abdominal incisiion is used...
30  cards
Reduced foetal movements
Define rfm,
Define recurrent rfm,
Why can rfm be indicative of feta...
16  cards
Rhesus disease
Define rhesus disease,
What are the two ways in which bl...,
Other than anti d what other rhes...
30  cards
Shoulder dystocia
Define shoulder dystocia,
What is the incidence of shoulder...,
What are the risk factors for sho...
11  cards
Skin disease in pregnancy
What are some common physiologica...,
What is shown,
What is shown
26  cards
Substance use disorder in pregnancy
Multidisciplinary care isoften ne...,
How common is substance abuse in ...,
What social and medical problems ...
14  cards
Thromboembolism in pregnancy
Which factors are considered risk...,
For women at risk of vte during p...,
If a dvt is diagnosed shortly bef...
20  cards
Thyroid disease in pregnancy
What are the clinical features of...,
What investigations are used to d...,
What is the target tsh level in p...
21  cards
Umbilical cord prolapse
Define umbilical cord prolapse,
How common is umbilic,
What are the complications of unt...
14  cards
Uterine rupture and VBAC
What risk factor has the highest ...,
Ms b is 39 weeks gestation in her...,
How common is uterine rupture
14  cards
Urinary tract infection and bacteriuria in pregnancy
How common is uti in pregnancy,
Why is uti more common in pregnancy,
What are the risk factors for uti...
17  cards
Vasa praevia
Are the risks of these greatest t...,
Define vasa praevia,
What are the 3 types of vasa praevia
13  cards
Asherman's syndrome
Define asherman s syndrome,
What are the complications of ash...,
What is the aetiology of asherman...
7  cards
Atrophic vaginitis
What term is now used to replace ...,
What is gsm,
Who is most affected by atrophic ...
11  cards
Bartholin's cyst
What is the diagnosis,
What is the diagnosis,
Where are bartholin s cysts usual...
16  cards
Cervical cancer & CIN (incl. colposcopy, LLETZ)
What is the most important factor...,
When does cervical cancer present,
What is the most common type of c...
54  cards
What is the definition of larc in...,
What are the most effective contr...,
What are the currently available ...
79  cards
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Define dysfunctional uterine blee...,
Define abnormal uterine bleeding,
How common is abnormal menstrual ...
23  cards
Ectopic pregnancy
Define ectopic pregnancy,
What is a heterotopic pregnancy,
What are the clinical features of...
32  cards
Endometrial cancer (and hysteroscopy)
Define endometrial cancer,
How common is endometrial cancer,
What is the aetiology of endometr...
26  cards
Define endometriosis,
How common is endometriosis,
What are the risk factors for end...
18  cards
Erpc surgical management of misca...,
Describe vacuum aspiration erpc,
What is the difference between mv...
31  cards
Female genital mutilation (FGM)
How and when is fgm frequently pe...,
Define female genital mutilation,
What are the complications of fgm
16  cards
Which of these is associated with...,
Define fibroid how common are they,
What are the ris k factors for fi...
30  cards
Gestational trophoblastic disease (incl. choriocarcinoma)
Define gestational trophoblastic ...,
Which gtds are benign vs invasive,
What is the aetiology of a
25  cards
Gynaecological polyp (cervical, endometrial)
What do cervical polyps arise from,
What is shown describe it,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
14  cards
Hyperemesis gravidarum
Which of these electrolyte abnorm...,
What is the rcog term used for pr...,
What is the extreme form of nvp
17  cards
Lichen sclerosus
What is lichen sclerosus,
How common is lichen sclerosus an...,
What is the pathophysiology of li...
7  cards
Define menopause,
Define perimenopause,
Define urogenital atrophu
38  cards
What are the 4 types of miscarriage,
How does threatened miscarriage p...,
What is a missed miscarriage
25  cards
Ovarian cyst
Define ovarian cyst,
List the different types of ovari...,
How do ovarian cysts present
39  cards
Ovarian tumour (benign and malignant)
What are the different types of o...,
What is the most common type of o...,
When does ovarian cancer usually ...
40  cards
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Define pid,
How common is pid,
What is the aetiology of pid
13  cards
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Define polycystic ovary syndrome ...,
What are the clinical features of...,
What is the aetiology of pcos
24  cards
Pre-menstrual syndrome
Define pms,
Which phase of the menstrual cycl...,
How common are premenstrual symptoms
15  cards
Pregnancy of unknown location
How is a pul diagnosed,
How common is pul diagnosis,
How does pul present
8  cards
Pruritus vulvae
Which dermatological conditions c...,
What infections and infestations ...,
Which malignant and premalignant ...
19  cards
recall the mode of action, efficacy, indications, contraindications and complications (and their management) of subfertility therapies (incl. intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and ovulation induction)
49  cards
Sterilisation (male, female) and hysterectomy
What are the options for female s...,
Define female sterilisation,
Define male sterilisation
22  cards
Urodynamic stress incontinence and overactive bladder syndrome
How are urinary symptoms divided,
How common is urinary incontinenc...,
What are the rfs for ui
26  cards
Urogenital prolapse
What is the aetiology of symptoms...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What are the indirect symptoms of...
23  cards
Ovarian torsion (and laparoscopy)
Define ovarian torsion,
How common is ovarian torsion,
What are the risk factors for ova...
14  cards
Vaginal candidiasis
What is prescribed to treat vulvo...,
Do candidiasis treatments need to...,
If the patient has vulval symptom...
14  cards
Vulval cancer
What type are most vulval cancers,
How common is vulval malignancy,
What are the risk factors for vul...
13  cards
O&G #1
A 26 year old multigravid woman i...,
Which of the following conditions...,
A 25 year old woman attends the g...
50  cards
O&G #2
You examine a woman s abdomen who...,
A 21 year old primigravida of 41 ...,
An 18 year old girl attends the e...
50  cards
11 the principle supports of the ...,
12 which of the following stateme...,
13 a 46 year old woman who has be...
15  cards
450 SBAs In Clinical Specialties - Antenatal Care & Maternal Medicine
42 year old woman at antenatal cl...,
2 breast lumps in pregnancya 33 y...,
3 high risk antenatal carea 38 ye...
35  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Early Pregnancy
1 early pregnancy lossa 24 year o...,
2 complications of pregnancya 51 ...,
3 threatened miscarriagea 19 year...
11  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Research, Ethics and Clinical Governance
1 consent and the mental health a...,
2 consentwhich of the following w...,
3 ethics of life saving carea 24 ...
10  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - General Gynaecology
1 dyspareuniaa 59 year old woman ...,
2 lower abdominal paina 19 year o...,
3 polycystic ovariesa 39 year old...
13  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Management of Labour and Delivery
1 analgesia in laboura 24 year ol...,
2 intrapartum care 1 a 36 year ol...,
3 intrapartum care 2 a 19 year ol...
14  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Post-partum Problems
2 intraoperative complicationsa 3...,
3 post partum complications 1 a 3...,
4 post partum complications 2 a 1...
8  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Urogynaecology
1 gynaecological infections 1 a 3...,
2 paediatric and adolescent gynae...,
3 management of miscarriagea 19 y...
24  cards
450 SBAs in Clinical Specialties - Surgical Gynaecology and Oncology
1 gynaecological oncology 1 a 28 ...,
2 female pelvic anatomy 1 when as...,
3 postoperative complications 1 a...
22  cards
More O&G SBAs
A 23 year old multip is found to ...,
A 14 year old girl who is a virgi...,
A nulliparous woman presents to h...
50  cards
Blood stained watery discharge fr...,
1st line treatment for1 stress in...,
Where in the fallopian tube does ...
39  cards
15  cards

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