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Chapter 1: Mental Health and Mental Illness
A nurse is assessing a client who...,
At what point should the nurse de...,
A nurse is assessing a set of 15 ...
16  cards
Chapter 2: Cocepts of Personality Development
A jilted college student is admit...,
A nurse observes a 3 year old cli...,
A 9 month old child screams every...
17  cards
Chapter 3: Biological Implications
A depressed client states i have ...,
A client diagnosed with major dep...,
3 which part of the nervous syste...
19  cards
Chapter 4: Ethical and Legal Issues
In response to a student s questi...,
During a hiring interview which r...,
Without authorization a nurse adm...
19  cards
Chapter 5: Cultural and Spiritual Concepts of Mental Health
An african american youth growing...,
Northern european americans value...,
A community health nurse is plann...
18  cards
Chapter 6: Relationship Development and Therapeutic Communication
What is the most essential task f...,
If a client demonstrates transfer...,
What should be the priority nursi...
21  cards
Chapter 7: The Nursing Process is Psychiatric/Mental Nursing
Which statement is most accurate ...,
Which statement regarding nursing...,
Within the nurse s scope of pract...
16  cards
Chapter 8: Milleu Therapy - The Therapeutic Community
An angry client on an inpatient u...,
A client on an inpatient unit ang...,
A newly admitted client asks why ...
12  cards
Chapter 9: Interventions In Groups
During a therapeutic group which ...,
During a community meeting a nurs...,
Which situation should a nurse id...
17  cards
Chapter 10: intervening in crisis
A new mother is concerned about h...,
A wife brings her husband to an e...,
A client comes to a psychiatric c...
16  cards
Chapter 11: The Recovery Model
A nursing instructor is teaching ...,
Which situation presents an examp...,
A nursing instructor is teaching ...
15  cards
Chapter 12: Complementary and Psychosocial Therapies
A nursing instructor is teaching ...,
A client reports taking st john s...,
A client with chronic lower back ...
15  cards
Chapter 13: Neurocognitive Disorders
A geriatric nurse is teaching the...,
A husband has agreed to admit his...,
A client diagnosed with vascular ...
19  cards
Chapter 14: Substance abuse and addictive disorders
What should be the priority nursi...,
A nurse evaluates a client s pati...,
On the first day of a client s al...
25  cards
Chapter 15: Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders
A paranoid client presents with b...,
A client diagnosed with schizoaff...,
A 16 year old client diagnosed wi...
25  cards
Chapter 16: Depressive Disorders
A nurse discovers a client s suic...,
In planning care for a suicidal c...,
A nurse administers 100 oxygen to...
25  cards
Chapter 17: Bipolar and Other Related Disorders
A highly agitated client paces th...,
A client diagnosed with bipolar d...,
A nurse is planning care for a cl...
17  cards
Chapter 18: Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Related Disorders
A nursing instructor is teaching ...,
Which nursing statement to a clie...,
What symptoms should a nurse reco...
24  cards
Chapter 19: Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders
A nursing instructor is teaching ...,
Which factors differentiate the d...,
Which client would a nurse recogn...
24  cards
Chapter 20: Somatic Symptoms and Dissociative Disorders
A client diagnosed with somatic s...,
A nurse is working with a client ...,
Which would be considered an appr...
17  cards
Chapter 21: Issues related to Human Sexuality and Gender Dysphoria
A 52 year old client states my hu...,
In the course of an assessment in...,
A widower reports a fear of intim...
17  cards
Chapter 22: Eating Disorders
Family dynamics are thought to be...,
A client s altered body image is ...,
A nurse is counseling a client di...
13  cards
Chapter 23: Personality Disorders
During an assessment interview a ...,
At 11 00 pm a client diagnosed wi...,
A client diagnosed with paranoid ...
28  cards
Chapter 24: Children and Adolescents
Which developmental characteristi...,
Which nursing intervention relate...,
A child has been diagnosed with a...
22  cards
Chapter 25: Survivors of Abuse or Neglect
A kindergarten student is frequen...,
A woman presents with a history o...,
A nursing instructor is developin...
17  cards
Chapter 26: The aging Individual
A client has recently been placed...,
A son who recently brought his ex...,
A family asks why their father is...
17  cards
Chapter 27: Community Mental Health Nursing
A nursing instructor is teaching ...,
A nurse is implementing care with...,
A nursing instructor is teaching ...
15  cards
Chapter 29: Military Families
Approximately two million america...,
Research has shown that an adoles...,
What is the expected feeling and ...
8  cards

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