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In most graduate veterinary programs, exam scores have a significant impact on your grades. Midterms may be 20% of your final grade while finals may be as high as 40%. In other words, your test prep better be at the top of it's game! And high grades mean high GPA, which gains you the upper hand when job hunting after school.

Hence, it is only right for you to prepare carefully for these tests and use only reliable tools that will help you when studying.

Brainscapes flashcards, which are created by top students, professors, and tutors, help you memorize information faster than learning them manually.

Brainscape has a great spaced repetition algorithm that repeats flashcards based on your rating. It means that if you give the card a low rating because your knowledge of it is not enough, Brainscape shows it to you over and over until you have mastered the concept.

Have you been thinking "I can't concentrate" when I study? Then you need to check out our ultimate how-to study guide.

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Brainscape has thousands of flashcards made by top students and professors, and these are based on previous tests, which gives you the assurance that the questions you’re studying may appear in your real test.

The study guides also offer various flashcards in different focus areas that you need for your NAVLE prep.

For example, if you are studying for the field of veterinary technician, you can see more than 7000 cards about veterinary natomy, large animal medicine, physiology, and so on.

Trusted by Cornell Veterinary School

To give you an idea of how effective Brainscape’s technique is, let us share with you that top vet students at Cornell Veterinary School and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine use these flashcards to help them learn and retain information.

These schools have a reputation to produce the best students in their respective areas, and they ask the help of Brainscape to help them succeed.  Hundreds of students at each of these schools have excelled in their classes and achieved the highest NAVLE scores as a result of Brainscape's methods.

Being trusted by these schools also means that Brainscape’s flashcards are applicable not only to the learners in the United States but also to anyone who wants to learn advanced concepts about veterinary medicine anywhere in the globe.  You can find flashcards for practically any country's veterinarian certifications.

Learn More in Less Time with Spaced Repetition

One of the main reasons Brainscape is effective in assisting the learners study and prepare for exams is that it’s technique is backed up by the latest research regarding learning and memory -- a technique that we call Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR).

To understand why CBR is so powerful, it's important to first realize what's wrong with the way most mediocre students study: waiting until the last minute to "cram" for an exam.

The problem is that cramming only works for a certain time. In other words, it works only for short term retention.

If you have an exam in few hours, you may cram during these hours and expect that you will remember much of what you studied during the test. However, do not expect to remember most of it the next day, weeks, or months after.


Hermann Ebbinghaus developed “The Forgetting Curve” in 1885. He based it on his experiment by memorizing nonsense syllables then recalling them at different periods. He started at 20 minutes after he memorized the syllables until 31 days have passed

His experiment shows even though merely 20 minutes has passed since he memorized the syllables, the percentage of retention dropped down to 60%.

How much more if a month has already passed?  How many more times will we have to study the same information for our cumulative tests, our final class exams, and our eventual certifications, because we keep forgetting the information along the way?

To help us then recall and retain information longer, reinforcement is necessary. And it should be repetitive reinforcement until the information has almost become permanently etched in our brains. This is because when reinforcement is made, our memory is bumped up by approximately 50%.

Brainscape's CBR method leverages this concept by optimizing the timing of such reinforcements.  CBR is essentially a more personalized version of traditional spaced repetition that works by helping you better space your studies out over time, based on your confidence rating in each flashcard on a scale of 1-5.

Comparing it with cramming, then, leads us to the conclusion that you can memorize more in less time. Just set aside a few minutes in one day to memorize and repeat the process after several days, and you’ll know you can remember this information longer.

Do yourself a favor and stop procrastinating your vet studies and ace your next exam!