We recently noticed that one of our most popular Google search terms was “Brainscape vs. Anki”. So, we figured we’d put together this handy guide for you to help you better understand all the ways in which Brainscape and Anki are different.

As you’ve likely seen yourself, Brainscape’s web & mobile flashcards app is a simpler, more modern, more user-friendly experience than Anki’s (still-impressive) open-source desktop software. But it may not have been immediately evident how Brainscape’s feature sets differ from Anki.

We hope this helps.  Best of luck on your studies either way!




    Spaced repetition

  • 4-bucket leitner method; study is scheduled for exact days in the future

    Content organization

  • Little hierarchy; mostly individual sets that require a download

    Content source

  • User-generated content only


  • Limited; each set is uploaded by a single user

    Learning data

  • You only see your own limited data


  • iOS, Android, Computer (the latter requires software download)

    Tech development

  • Open source; largely reliant on a single developer

    Private enterprise licenses available

  • No (at least not yet)

    Content types

  • Customizable fields for hints, foreign language components, equations, etc.


  • iOS app costs $25 to download
  • 5-bucket Confidence-Based Repetition method; works at your own study pace
  • Full curriculum (i.e. "Subjects") with multiple "Decks"; no download required
  • Both user-generated AND "Brainscape-certified" subjects (co-created with experts and publishers)
  • Multiple users can author in real-time; subject admin can manage editing permissions
  • Rich stats dashboards for both your own learning, and for tracking other students’ progress
  • iOS, Android, web browser (no download required; all software & content live in cloud, for permanent 'backup')
  • Managed by Brainscape; a venture-funded company with a strong incentive for long-term support & innovation
  • Yes
  • A single open-canvas style flashcard that supports any type of rich media
  • App download & most web features are FREE; $3/mo for Brainscape Pro (with Lifetime option)

At Brainscape, we have a TON of respect for Anki and their groundbreaking advancements in the field of spaced repetition software. We think our platform improves on their impressive work, and we hope you will try Brainscape if you are looking for a simpler, more collaborative, cloud-based study experience with access to premium content.