Right in time for the new year, Brainscape has unleashed a suite of customizable study planners and exam countdown templates in Google Sheets that’ll help its learners easily capture their daily learning goals and priorities, and work smoothly towards their deadlines. These templates are completely free and customizable.

Excelling in any exam, no matter how big, requires students to adhere to three core tenets:

  1. Start early,
  2. Lay out a strategy, and
  3. Study efficiently

The first, starting early, is just a matter of working back from an exam date and diarizing a start date a few weeks or months beforehand. The third, studying efficiently, involves leveraging cognitive learning tactics like spaced repetition to progress quickly through the material, which is exactly what the study app Brainscape is designed to do.

The second, lay out a strategy, is absolutely paramount to keeping learners focused and on track to cover everything well in time for their exams, without any stress or cramming. That’s what prompted Brainscape to create these easy to use Google Sheet templates, which learners can copy and use absolutely free of charge to plot their course to success.

There are five to choose from, but they fall into two broad categories: 

(1) Study or daily planners, which break each day of the week down into 15 or 30 minute intervals (customizable) and…

(2) Exam countdown planners, which allow learners to plot out the topics they need to cover in the days, weeks, and months leading up to an exam or test. These can even be used to strategically plan for major projects and dissertations.

It’s totally up to the YOU.

The page in which these free study planner templates are housed contains all the instruction learners need to create their own editable copy, which they can then change to suit their own, unique needs.

Armed with these strategic resources, together with Brainscape’s flashcards, every learner will have what they need to rise to the challenge of your next test, exam, or assignment!