If there's one thing we geek over more than the science of learning, it's connecting with the people who use Brainscape to crush their learning goals!

And so we created a space in Discord—the Brainscape Community—where you can come to ask questions about our flashcard web or mobile app; share feedback on the content you've discovered or created, or your study experience; connect with other Brainscape users, who are motivated learners just like you; and just virtually hang out with people all over the world who are walking the same learning journey you are.

If you're already familiar with Discord, join our server now! -->

If you're new to Discord (a communication app), here's what you need to know in order to join...

How to join the Brainscape community

Step 1: Click this link to enter the Brainscape Discord community.

Step 2: Follow the steps they give you to create and verify your account.

Step 3: Once you've successfully logged into Discord, you'll be placed into our Welcome channel, but if your screen looks like the screenshot below, you'll want to tap the Brainscape logo (hey Bruce 👋) on the far left to ensure you're in the Brainscape-specific server.

Brainscape logo Bruce on the Brainscape Discord server

Step 4: Say "hi!" We'd love for you to introduce yourself in the #general channel! Tell us a little about what you're learning, how you discovered Brainscape, your favorite study hacks, or even your best joke (as long as it's clean-ish).

Step 5: Check back into Discord on the daily to join in on the conversation! We encourage you to ask any/all questions and share your own advice, experiences, and wisdom with other members.

What is Discord? (Everything you need to know)

Discord is a free communication platform that allows you to chat, voice call, and video call with others online. In other words: it's a fertile ground for establishing a community of like-minded people!

Once you've signed up, you can join servers, which are communities centered around specific interests or topics (like Brainscape). You can join servers by clicking the plus sign (+) on the left-hand side of the Discord app or by entering an invite link, like the one we shared above. (Here it is again if you're yet to sign up: https://discord.gg/VGEqG5Suh5.)

Each server has channels, which are different chat rooms within the server. You can access channels by clicking on them in the server's sidebar. In our community, for example, you'll see channels such as:

#Feature-requests: Ever wish Brainscape would magically conjur up your favorite caffeinated beverage when you sit down to study? Okay, we might not be able to do that but whatever you have in mind, let us know all about it here! (You might just inspire our next great feature!)

#Useful-links: An extensive library for useful resources related to Brainscape, from our Academy (blog) and YouTube channels—where you'll discover a cornucopia of life/study hacking advice—to the social media channels you should like and follow to be kept in the loop at all times.

#How-to-report-bugs: A place for you to go to get swift resolutions if your app ever behaves badly. We hate bugs just as much as you do so never hesitate to jump on and report your issues to us immediately!

And so much more...

"Can I voice and video call with other people?"

Yes, you can in Discord; however, the Brainscape Community is sticking strictly to text messaging only. #healthyboundaries

If you want to direct message other people, just click their name in the server's sidebar and select "message”. But please, people, this is not a dating site. Keep it clean, respectful, and on topic.

Important: We do not tolerate trolls! If anyone ever directly contacts you with any kind of unsolicited, discriminatory, or inappropriate messaging, please report it to us right away. Take a screenshot of the offending message—even if it just makes you a little bit nervous or uncomfortable—and send it to our team via email support@brainscape.com or direct message CourtneyBSC on discord. We got your back.

Creating and using Discord threads

Threads allow you to create separate, focused discussions within a channel.

For example, in the #general channel, a Brainscaper asked "What's one app that you use every day?", which kicked off a tsunami of responses from the team. And so we created a thread called "Best productivity apps", which anyone can now click on to get the latest and greatest recommendations from people are are obsessed with productivity apps!

To create a thread, just click the three dots next to a message and select "Start a Thread." Choose a suitable title and whether you want it to be public (open to all other Brainscape community members) or private (accessible via invite only).

To join a thread, simply click on it and select "Join Thread."

I know, it ain't brain surgery.

Once a thread is created, messages within it will be organized separately from the main channel, which is great because things can otherwise get cluttered pretty quickly. You can reply to individual messages within the thread and, when they're no longer relevant to you, you can also mute or archive them.

So, in summary, here are the "best practices" for using threads in Discord:

  • Keep thread titles super clear, concise, and relevant.
  • Use threads to avoid cluttering the main channel with unrelated messages.
  • Avoid creating too many threads, as this can lead to confusion.
  • Regularly check and respond to messages within a thread.
  • Archive or delete threads that are no longer relevant.

That's it! You officially know everything there is to know to dive into Discord and the Brainscape Community! We now encourage you to whole-heartedly share your learning journey (the good, the bad, and the ugly) with us and your fellow Brainscapers in our channels.

Got any questions about Discord or the Brainscape community?

Email our team at support@brainscape.com and we'll be happy to help!