Holy smokes, a 9? That's like remembering that Monday is a federal holiday when you were packing your bags for work; or finding a random $100 on the pavement on your morning walk.

In other words: heck, yeah, that’s amazing!

We're thrilled you're such a fan of Brainscape so I’d like to humbly ask: would you be willing to share your experience with other people?

What’s in it for you?

Social currency, baby! You sharing Brainscape with other people helps them discover an app that expedites their learning journey… and it makes you look like a hero in the process because you’ve added real practical value to their lives. Remember that feeling when someone recommended your favorite app to you? They made your life easier, right? You could be that person for other people.

(Plus, we’d be so grateful if you did spread a little Brainscape love!)

Here are a few ways you could do that…

  • Rate Brainscape on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  • Share a post about using Brainscape on your favorite social media platform (and please tag @brainscape or use #brainscape so we can see: we may even repost via our feeds).
  • Join our Brainscape User Community, where you can speak directly with the members of our team—including me!—and other die-hard users.
  • Become a Campus Rep|Marketing Partner and earn real dolla billz from promoting Brainscape to your classmates, friends, or students 🤑
  • Request some Brainscape Swag like branded bookmarks, phone covers, and beanies (we can only send to U.S. addresses though… when we’re bigger, we’ll go international, we promise!)
  • Request a feature so we know what you'd like to see from Brainscape in the future: your feedback directly influences the improvements we prioritize!

There you have it. If you could spread the love in one (or even more!) of the above-mentioned ways, we’d be delighted and thankful. After all, the most meaningful way to get Brainscape into the hands of other learners who need us is through the people who loved it enough to rate it a 9/10.