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Brainscape Intro Video

A Free Brainscape Mobile "Student" Account

To see what it's like as a typical student user, just download our mobile app, find a subject you're interested in, and start studying using our efficient spaced repetition system.

Even if you're not currently a student yourself, you'll love our fun general knowledge flashcards, as well as our effective foreign language flashcards (with complete audio-supported phrase-building curricula).

A Free Brainscape "Educator" Account

(desktop recommended)

To get the most representative experience of Brainscape as an educator, we recommend creating an account on our desktop website, and choosing to "Make Flashcards". (Feel free to email yourself that URL as a reminder if you're on a mobile device right now!)

Once you're logged in, just name your class and start creating a few flashcards. You'll see how easy it is to make flashcards for any subject, share with your students, and track their study progress over time.

Brainscape for Schools

Want to give all your students the most efficient study tool on the planet, and help them build their confidence? Click here for more info about class, school, and university licenses.

Brainscape for Tutors & Resellers

Got an education business of your own? Click here to learn how Brainscape can help you (i) reach more customers, (ii) boost your students' learning, and (iii) earn more $ from your content.

Brainscape for Employee Trainers

Does your company have a lot of knowledge-intensive training content? Click here to learn about how Brainscape's adaptive flashcards can increase your eLearning ROI by improving retention and serving as an ongoing mobile reference tool.

Brainscape for Publishers & Content Partners

Do you have an established brand or reputation for expertise in a particular subject? (Particularly an exam or certification?) Click here to inquire about becoming a "certified author" and offering your content to Brainscape's audience of over 10 million registered users.

Brainscape for Life Hackers

If you're just here for the self-improvement, head over to the Brainscape Academy for world-class research, readings, and videos about how to optimize the way you study, teach, and learn.

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