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Whether you are using Brainscape's adaptive employee training flashcards independently or with your organization, we thought you'd benefit greatly from seeing some examples of how thousands of institutions around the world are using Brainscape for Learning & Development (L&D).

So, we've listed some of our favorite use cases of Brainscape employee training below!

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How can you use Brainscape for employee training?

team meeting employee training
Brainscape employee training is used in a ton of different industries.
  • Pharmaceutical companies create flashcards to train sales representatives on key drug facts.
  • Politicians’ staff members create flashcards to prep them for important hearings or debates.
  • Hospitals/Medical professionals use Brainscape to train doctors and nurses on key protocols and for Continuing Medical Education.
  • HR departments make “Company History” and “Executive Faces and Names” flashcards for new employees.
  • International businesses use Brainscape’s complete Spanish and French curricula to train traveling staff.
  • Police academies create “If / Then” flashcards to drill officers on responses to specific scenarios.
  • Roman priests and theology students use Brainscape for Bible study.
  • Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government created “Meet Your Class” flashcards for student orientation.
  • Restaurants use Brainscape to train waiters and bartenders on important menu items.
  • High school football teams have used flashcards to help players memorize key plays.
  • Military divisions can make flashcards to drill soldiers and sailors on equipment parts and situational protocols.
  • And many more…

As you can see, just about any information that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces can work beautifully in the Brainscape user experience.

The ability to chop key information into multimedia “flashcards” both delivers microlearning at more than double the effectiveness of traditional training methods, while also serving as a handy mobile reference tool for any info that an employee may need to look up on demand.

Whatever your organization’s learning needs are, Brainscape employee training is sure to help. Get in touch and let's chat about how we can help.