Why Drinking Water Will Make You Less Stressed

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drinking water and stress

How Water Reduces Stress

First, some basic facts on why water is really important:

  1. Our bodies are approximately 60-70% water.
  2. Our blood (which is 50% water) is the transport system for all our essential nutrients to our brains, including amino acids, vitamins, and sugars (energy!).
  3. The brain is about 85% water.

When the brain does not get enough water, the consequences can range from mild headaches and fatigue to severe dehydration and seizures. The more and more water your brain loses, the less energy you have and the more tired you get.

In addition, lack of water in the brain also causes STRESS. How does it work? Well, we have this hormone in our bodies called cortisol, which is well known as a stress hormone. Even a little bit of dehydration can cause cortisol levels in the body to increase and lead to STRESS. Stressful isn’t it? Make sure you drink enough water so your brain can balance its chemicals and you can be less stressed!

So get yourself a water bottle and keep it filled. Humans need about 2.4 liters of water replenished every day and even more depending on how much we sweat. We need it to feel lively, we need it to be carefree and relaxed (to a certain extent), and we need it so that we can show our body how much we love it. So, whatever you do, remember to get your H2O (water) on.



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Karina 9 years ago

Another reason to support your thesis is that drinking water instead of juice or coffee saves you money and calories! Drinking water is a great way to nip the guilt at the bud.

Amanda Moritz 9 years ago

great point, karina! plus, if you're drinking water instead of sugaring
drinks, you'll save yourself the crash after your sugar high.

Lauren_Mktg 7 years ago

Water is also necessary to keep the brain sharp, mood stable and our motivation intact. Here is another great article on why the brain needs water http://www.neurological-nut...

C Ullmer 5 years ago

Almost four years ago, I started drinking 1/2 to my full
body weight in ounces of water daily. The results of solely drinking
water and maintaining a somewhat sensible diet were amazing. I lost a ton
of weight, sleep well, clearer thoughts, and more energy. The following is a link to an excellent video
that explains the importance of water and your brain: https://youtu.be/P102c1JWyes.

Thank You,

Clemente Ullmer
Just Drink Water
Yellow Springs, Ohio
email: info@justdrinkwater.com
web: http://www.justdrinkwater.info

Mony 4 years ago

This is really true that drinking water is very important for our body. The amount of water you consume everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommend drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day to maintain good health. It is also important to drink pure and clean water. Because impure water may cause so many water borne diseases.
For clean and pure water , buy good water purifier. Here is one of the best selling water purifier.

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