Stop Faking It! Brainscape Launches Knowledge Rehab

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Think you know it all? Or is there more you wish you’d learned in school and life? Ready to stop faking it in 2015? It’s time for Knowledge Rehab, which launched today for both the Brainscape app and the Brainscape website! With Knowledge Rehab, becoming more culturally literate — regarding anything from “containment” to the Kardashians – is now fast, easy, and accessible.

Through a multi-year project involving hundreds of students, teachers, professors, and experts from different fields, Brainscape has effectively democratized cultural literacy with this compilation of knowledge across a huge range of subjects provided for FREE in the Brainscape platform. Whether you want to review the arts, sciences, social sciences, or even pop culture and entertainment, it’s all here. And it’s optimized using the world’s best new study platform: Brainscape.

With Knowledge Rehab, as with as any of the premium subjects we have launched, we break knowledge into its most digestible bite-sized building blocks and then deliver them through a synchronized, adaptive web and mobile study experience that is scientifically optimized for maximum memory retention. We sometimes call this “flashcards on steroids.” Over 1 million students, teachers, and professionals — hopefully you among them — already use Brainscape to create, share, and find efficient study materials for foreign languages, academic subjects, standardized tests, and professional development.

“Educational services are changing rapidly; students no longer have to study the same way their parents and grandparents did,” says Brainscape founder and CEO, Andrew Cohen. “With services like Instagram and Facebook changing our mindset for how we connect with large amounts of information, it‘s imperative that educational experiences also evolve. Study tools and content also must respect that much of the world increasingly has ADD — or at least feels information overload.”

For many educators, technology has already become critical for better reaching and teaching students in both class and at home. In a global e-learning market that is predicted to reach $107 billion this year according to a report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA), Brainscape expects its optimized, bite-sized study platform to be a major player. Knowledge Rehab will introduce millions of new users to Brainscape.

“Knowledge has been compiled in books or pictures for millennia. But in today’s busy, overloaded world, many want or need more efficiency,” explains Andy Lutz, Brainscape’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Where do you think learning is going? Is it moving toward 3-hour lecture videos and 500-page textbooks, or toward the 140-character end of the spectrum? And while studying obviously requires more than those damn 140 characters, it’s also clear that learners will increasingly prefer condensed, digitally-connected, and easy-to-absorb knowledge — curated and personalized for them.”

For the first release of Knowledge Rehab, Brainscape included over 2,000 multimedia flashcards with information on core topics experts felt that everyone should know, often also including links to additional resources for further study beyond Brainscape. Yes, Brainscape’s team knows that to be truly culturally literate in 2015, you should know BOTH Shakespeare and the latest Hollywood trend-setters. Knowledge Rehab will be living content: the team will continue to improve the scope of cultural knowledge offered based on user feedback for version 2.0 and beyond.

“Unlike the 5-year process to update a textbook, we can and will add to Knowledge Rehab next week,” adds Lutz.

If you are looking to write a story about the new Knowledge Rehab subject or Brainscape in general, please request more information from Andy Lutz at If you have feedback on Knowledge Rehab, let us know in the comments. We’re excited to keep this content progressing!

Brainscape is a web & mobile education platform that helps you learn anything faster, using cognitive science. Join the millions of students, teachers, language learners, test-takers, and corporate trainees who are doubling their learning results. Visit or find us on the App Store .


Chloe 3 years ago

Alo I can speak French creole now ☺️😎

Courtney@Brainscape 3 years ago

That's awesome! Did Brainscape assist with that?

Cri5sy 4 years ago

I love the Knowledge Rehab deck! It took me 2 days to learn the 50 US state capitals :)

Courtney@Brainscape 4 years ago

Way to go, Chri5sy! We'll be looking for you at the top of the leaderboard!

Ariel Diaz-Torres 4 years ago

This is excellent! I'm already hooked. I'm hopeful you'll go more in depth with languages, but so far it's a great start!

Andrew Cohen 4 years ago

We've got plenty of more in-depth language content if you check out the full Brainscape Market! Enjoy your studies . . . .

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