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We bumped into negar when we were in town last week.

Zohre ran into someone he used to know at school the other day.

I ran into an old friend who was in town for the weekend.

Bump into somebody= run into somebody
To meet someone you know when you haven't planned to meet them.


I need a night out with the girls this weekend.

Let's have a night out on saturday.

A Night out:

An evening spent out of the house rather than staying at home.


There is a great restaurant just round the corner.

(Just) Round the corner:
Very near here.


Thanks for inviting me!
But ballet isn't really my cup of tea!!

Sead food is not my cup of tea usually, but I quite enjoyed it.

Not be sb's cup of tea:

If sth is not your cup of tea, it's not the type of thing of that you like.


I offered to go halves , as I always do when I eat out with a friend.

Go halves = go dutch

Share the cost if something


When I lived in spain, I used to eat out all the time!

Eat out: opps: eat in
Eat in a restaurant


Hoda is putting me up for the weekend!

Put sb up:to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily or to let sb stay at your home for a short period time.


She will end up penniless if she continue to spend like that!

They are travelling across Europe by train and are planning to end up in Moscow.

End up:

To finally be in a particular place or situation.


I feel like having a nice cool glass of lemonade.

I feel like going for a swim.

I didn't feel like going out

Feel like (doing) sth:

To have a wish for something or to want to do something at a particular moment.


He is against the idea , but I think I can talk him into it.

I didn't feel like going out, but mohsen talked me into it.

Talk sb into sth:
To persuade someone to do something.


Don't forget to try out the equipment before setting up the experiment.

Try sth out:
To use sth to discover if it works or if you like it.


I was about to get on the bus when two men pushed in in front of me.

Push in= jump the queue

Go ahead of other people who have been waiting longer.


We were packed in like sardines in the rush-hour train.

Packed in like sardines:

Crowded so closely together that there is no space to move.


Why did you take exception to what he said? He was only joking.

The security took exception to his behavior.

Take exception to sth/sb:
To be offended or angry by sth or someone.


Giving him such a powerful car when he has just started driving is asking for trouble.

Zohre started to argue, which was asking for trouble.

Be asking for trouble:
To be likely to cause problems or difficulties for yourself.


She was thrown out of college when she caught using drugs.

Throw sb out:
To force someone to leave a college , school , house or organization.


I just need to get away for a few days.
We try to get away in winter and go somewhere warm, but this year we decided to stay in england and it turned out to be a great success.

Get away: to go somewhere to have a holiday; often because u need to rest.


If you are going to come, please let me know in advance.

We didn't plan anything in advance.

In advance:
Before sth happens or is expected.


What time do we set off tomorrow?

Set off: leave a place and start a journey.


We just took our time and stopped off whenever we found somewhere nice.

Take your time: do sth without hurrying.


He arrived in London on june21, after stopping off at Qatar.

When we went shiraz, we stopped off whenever we found somewhere nice.

Stop off: make a short visit somewhere during a longer trip.


You can buy T-shirt like this all over the place.

After 10 days we had been all over the place.

All over the place: everywhere.


Spain last week and Germany this week- he gets around. Doesn't he!

Get around=get about
To travel to a lot of places.


Out of season

At the time of year when few people go on holiday.


I didn't get much out of this course.

It was a really boring course and I don't think I got much out of it.

Get sth out of sth:
Get benefit or pleasure from sth


We usually go away for the summer.
He goes away on business a lot.
Last year I went away on my own.

Go away: have a holiday,
To leave ur home in order to spend time somewhere else usually for a holiday.


While the house was being decoratet, we roughed it in a tent.

Rough it: live with only basic necessities for a short time.


I've gone there once or twice before.
I've seen him once or twice in town.

Once or twice: a few times.


Everyone did their bit with the cooking.

Do your bit: do an equal amount of a task or job as others.


We wanted to find a camping site that was a little bit off the beaten track.

Off the beaten track/path:
Not known or popular with many people far away from buldings and other people.


It's lovely being out in the open air.

In the Open air: outside, not in a building.


You can't work all the time- it does you good to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes.

Do sb good: have a positive effect on sb.


They were hoping to sell their car for 2000$ but settled for 1500$.

Settle for something:
To agree or to accept sth. Although it is not what you want.


They changed the rules to liven things up.

Liven up: make sth more interesting and exciting.


Fill the car up with petrol the day before you travel.

Fill sth up with sth:

Make sth completely full


Load up the car the night before if necessary.

Load sth on: put a large quantity of things or people into sth.


Set off early to avoid rush-hour traffic.

Set off: start a journey especially a lobg journey. = set out


The cars started to slow down in front of us, and eventually everything ground to a halt.

The country's economy is slowly grinding to a halt.

Grind to a halt = grind to a standstill.
To stop or no longer work well.


Our car broke down and we had to push it off the road.

We broke down in the middle of nowhere, and had to call out the emergency services.

Break down: if a machine or vehicle breaks down , it stops working.

Call out: phone for sb a dr or ... to come and help you.

In the middle of nowhere: a long way from towns or buildings.


The police went after him because he jumped the lights.

Jump the lights: drive through a red traffic light without stopping.


She stands a good chance of passing her exam if she works hard.

Stand a chance:
To have a chance of success


The driver pulled out without looking, and nearly knocked someone over.

Pull out: (of a car or vehicle) move away from the side of the road or a queue of cars and into the traffic.

Knock sb over/down:
Hit sb and make them fall to the ground.