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She started the meeting with the monthly sales report.

I'd like to start off by thanking you all for coming today.

He started off as a children's entertainer.

I started off my career in a small company in shiraz.

Start off:
Begin to happen, begin doing something


She started out as a part time job soon became as a full time occupation.

I started out as a vet, then went into business.

Start out:
Begin doing sth, we often use start out to talk about sth beginning in one way and developing in another way.


The day will start off with a bit of sunshine , but you will need to make the most of it because it will soon could over.

We are only in Paris for a day, so let's make the most of it.

Make the most of sth:
To use or enjoy sth as much as possible.


The day will soon cloud over.

Become cloudy


The Chances are that they'll be late anyway.

The chances are: it is likely, and probable that ...


It's a custom that is beginning to die out.

The rain may die out in the south of Iran.

Die out: gradually disappear and stop completely and stop existing.


The rain may die out in the south , where it could even brighten up during the afternoon.

Brighten up:
Improve and become brighter (usually with more sunshine)


There were a few books here and there , but apart from that the room was quite bare.

Here and there:
In different and various places.


If you were hoping for better things tomorrow, I'm affraid you are out of luck.

The bike only comes in large sizes , so of you are a short person you are out of luck.

Out of luck opp = in luck
Un lucky


She has been voted Best Actress three years in a row.

In a row: one after another without a break.


Look on the bright side- no one was badly hurt.

Even when things are really bad, he still looks on the bright side.

Looking on the bright side, things may pick up by the weekend.

Be optimistic ; think positively


The number of applicants will pick up during the autumn.

The wind always picks up in the evening.

Pick up: to increase


His spirits picked up when he got the good news.

Pick up:


I always fall asleep immediately.

Fall asleep:
Begin to sleep


Last night was awful, I didn't sleep a wink.

Not sleep a wink:
Not sleep at all.
Opp: sleep like a log


I managed to dropp off, but I spent most of the night tossing and turning

Drop off: to start to sleep


I was tossing and turning all night

Toss and turn:
Be unable to sleep sleep badly or just changing your position in bed all the time.


I had a similar problem the niggt before last.

The night before last:
Two night ago


I was worried sick about my future studying , so I couldn't sleep at all.

Worried sick:
Extremely worried about sth/sb


We will be back home tonight, so we can both have an early night .

an early night:Go to bed earlier/ later than usual


It was a sunday, so she could lie in till almost lunch time.

We can have a lie in tomorrow of we want.

Stay in bed later than usual in the morning

Have a lie in/ lie in


She is very careful with money

Careful with money:
Spending money only when it is necessary


Her family was very well off.

Well off:Having a lot of money, rich
Opp: badly off


It took me months to save up enough money to go travelling

She is saving up for a new bike.

Save up:
To keep money so that you can buy sth with it on the future.


When times are bad, she just cuts back on her spending.

Cut back on sth:Cut back on sth: reduce the amount of sth that you spend.


If they can afford a yacht, they must be rolling in it.

The way he behaves me, you would think luke was rolling in money, but he is not.

Be rolling in money, rolling in it


He finds in hard to make ends meet, he is often in debt.

Make ends meet:
Manage to buy things you need with the money you have or earn.


We are a bit hard up at the moment so we 're not thinking about holidays.

Hard up: having very little at the moment


All his life he had lived off his father.

He lives off his parents and never pays them back.

Live off:To rely on sb else to provide you money, food and ...


Luckily she had saved money for a rainy day

Save money for a rainy day:
Save money for a time when you really need it.


The man who had always ripped off people got arrested yesterday.

Rip off:Cheat sb by charging them much money for sth


Just manage to survive in a difficult situation, especially one in which you don't have enough money

Keep ur head above water


If you run up a debt, you owe sb a lot of money

Run up a debt/bill


Do you have any milk?
Sorry, I've run out

I've run out of money

Run out of sth:Use all of sth and have no more left


Our insurance will cover the cost of dental work.

Cover the cost:
Provide enough money to pay for sth


The film was made on a shoestring.

On a shoestring:
If you do sth on a shoestring,
You do it with a very little amount of money.


I'm worried that if I see a packet of biscuits, i'll just give in and ear one after another

Don't give in to the desire to smoke.

Give in to sth: if you give in to sth , you can't say no to sth you want


If I were you I'd just cut down on everything sugary.

Cut down on sth:
Reduce the amount of sth you eat


Remember to do some exercise to burn up the calories.

Burn up sth:
Use up energy in your body by being physically active.


He just fills himself up with cakes.

Fill up: eat enough food so you no longer feel hungry


Go without sugary drinks

Go without sth:
Live without sth that you need or would like to have


Turn up the heat till the pen boils

Turn up sth:
Increase the heat or sound of sth , opp: turn down sth


Thieves got away with antiques valued at $1m .

By jumping over the barriers, he got away without paying for a ticket.

Get away with sth:
Do sth bad and not be punished for it.


Thieves tricked a security guard into believing they were a new team of cleaners.

Trick sb into sth:
Persuade sb to do sth by making them believe sth which is not true.


Masked youth held up the bank with threatening the bank staff with a gun.

Hold-up at city bank.

Hold up sth/sb:
Rob or try to rob a place or a person by threatening violence

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