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The place could do with a good cleaning.

I could do with some new clothes.

Could do with something:
If sth could do with something, it needs it very much.


I know I could work harder if need be.

If need be: if necessary


I could'nt do without my mobile.

Do without sth/sb:
Manage to survive without sth/sb.


I'm dying to hear your news.

Be dying to do sth/ for sth:
Want to do sth or want sth very much.


I sometimes set my heart on things I know I can't have!
She has set her heart on having a horse.

Set your heart on sth/doing sth:
To want to get or achieve something very much.


I could make do with a smaller car, but I'd rather not.

Can you make do with $5 for now and I'll give you the rest tomorrow?

Make do with sth:
To use what is available although it is not enough or what you wanted.


I couldn't care less if he doesn't want to talk to me.

Couldn't care less:
To not care at all.


I believe you can't always pick and choose in life.

Pick and choose:
Choose only the things you like and want.


The festival is now going ahead as planned.

The launch party will be going ahead as scheduled.

Go ahead: if sth goes ahead, it happens or proceeds


Is the wedding going ahead as planned?
No , they have put it off until the spring.

He keeps asking me out, and I keep putting him off.

The meeting has been put off for a week.

Put off sth/someone:
To delay or move an activity to a later time, or to stop or prevent someone from doing sth.


They have brought the game forward to saturday.

The elections were brought forward by three months.

Bring sth forward: move sth to an earlier time.opp: put sth off


Be says that his divorce has really messed up his life.

They have put the kick-off back to five o'clock , it has really messed up my plans.

I messed up the exam.

Mess sh up:
To spoil or damage sth, or to do sth wrong or badly


I've got something on this friday, so I'll have to call off our meeting.

Call sth off: cancle sth that has been arranged.


I can't make it tomorrow.
Shall we fix something up for next week??

Fix sth up: arrange for sth to happen.


I'm trying to look ahead and see what our options are.

I'm trying not to look ahead to what will happen when he dies.

Look ahead:
To think about what will happen in the future and plan for these events.


I'm hoping to go to India, if all goes according to plan.

go according to plan:
Happen on the way you intent and expect.