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why binocular vision

1. larger binocular visual field
-panoramic vision
2. binocular summation
-2 eyes looking at the same thing see if better than 1
3. spare eye
4. stereopsis (MAIN REASON)


what is physical space

the measurable 3D space around us, and everything in it


what is visual space

your perception of physical space


how many visual spaces do all patients have?
what does diplopia mean in this sense?

-all patients have only 1 visual space
-diplopia means seeing 2 identical images in one's single visual space


what are the 3 components of stereoscopic visual space

1. perceiving the directions of images
2. making one image from two
3. building stereopsis


what helps with seeing "where" things are?
what helps with "what" things are?

binocularity help w/ wehre => space perception
stereopsis helps w/ what => secondary


what are some examples of when visual space doens't equal physical space

1. optical illusions-normal
2. entoptic phenomena-normal
3. abnormal vision


what are 3 common types of poor binocularity

1. strabismus
2. nonstrabismic vergence anomalies
3. anisometropia


what are some consequences of poor binocularity

1. diplopia
2. binocular rivalry
3. suppression
4. poor cosmesis
5. amblyopia
6. aniseikonia
7. anomalous retinal correspondence
8. blurred vision
9. discomfort symptoms
10. stereoblindness