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Draw and label a light microscope. (p4)

1. eye piece
2. nose piece
3. objective lens
4. stage
5. condenser lens and diaphragm
6. coarse focusing knob
7. fine focusing knob
8. lamp


There are 11 steps to follow when using light microscopes. If you can be fucked to learn them good for you, but I can't.

It starts like this:

1. treat the specimen with a stain that makes parts of the cells of the specimen available....


Why were microscopes invented?

1. to investigate the structure of cells and tissues


What has a higher capacity for magnification: a light microscope or an electron microscope?

1. an electron microscope gives a higher magnification


What do you call a photograph taken down a microscope? How else could you record what you see?

1. a micrograph
2. by drawing it


How to calculate magnification of a micrograph or drawing.

1. magnifcation = size of image / size of specimen

make sure your units are the same when you divide


What is a scale bar?

1. a line added to a micrograph or a drawing to help to show the actual size of the structure


What is the relationship between millimeters (mm), micrometers (um) and nanometers (nm)?

1 mm
= 1,000 um
= 1,000,000 nm


A micrometer (um) is the smallest S.I size unit you will see on a scale bar. True/False?

1. False
2. a nanometer (nm) is x1000 smaller than a micrometer

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