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What happens during EIC?

- Can dogs die from this?

- hind limbs become weak, elevated rectal temperatures

- yes, but not often


What is a normal lab's temp after exercise? why so high?

What does this mean?

- 105 - 108

- no sweat glands

- dogs that get EIC really aren't any higher than normal dogs during exercise


Is EIC myasthenia gravis? What is myasthenia gravis? How do we know?

- no, antibodies against ACh receptors, dogs with EIC didn't have measureable AChR antibodies


Is it same mutation (RYR1) that causes malignant hyperthermia in dogs? 

What does this mutation cause in pigs?

- no

- porcine stress syndrome


Were there significant differences in blood chemistry, blood oxygen, EKG, and muscle pathology between normal dogs and dogs with EIC?



What gene was the EIC mutation found on?

Which gene specifically?

What was the specific nucleotide change?

Amino acid change?

- CFA9

- Dynamin 1

- G changed to T at 767

- codon 256 from arginine (basic/polar) to leucine (non-polar)


What does dynamin 1 do?

Where is it expressed?

What takes over for the lack of dynamin 1 doing its job?

- dynamin 1 is involved in vesicle recycling

- CNS, spinal cord

- dynamin 2 and 3 can pick up a bit of the slack - but not all of it


What's up with the shibire? What does it tell us about EIC?

- Shibire flies have all of their dynamin genes knocked out - they experience similar side afects when the temperature is raised - and then recover like dogs when it goes back down - this could indicate that EIC is temperature dependent


- Do dogs with EIC have progressive disease? Can they live normal lives?

What drug has been shown to work a little bit? How does it work? Does it target the problem directly?

- no, yes as long as they avoid prolonged physical activity

- phenobarbital, it works by decreasing level of excitement, does not address the issue directly


How is EIC different from heat stroke?

- heat stroke collapse takes hours to days for recovery, not the case with EIC!


How is the whole breeding problem being addressed?

- decrease carriers, but don't do it altogether - breed and replace


How is EIC tested?

- restriction fragment length polymorphism


What type of mutation is it?

- aautosomal recessive inheritance