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(Actions of Thryoid Hormones)


1. increased consumption of what?

2. increased what?

3. involves increase in what activty? correlated to what?


4. increase absorption of what from GI tract

5. Potentiates effects of other hormones on gluconeogenesis, lipolysis and proteolysis

1. body oxygen

2. body temperature

3. Na-K ATPase activity; correlated with O2 consumption and heat production

4. glucose


(Actions of Thyroid Hormones)


1. synthesis of what in somatotrophs? Also needed for maturation of what?

(Synergism with GH to promote bone formation)

normal levels required for brain development

1. growth hormone; skeleton


(Metabolic Diseases of Bones)

1. profound effects on growth cartilage maturation

2. Hyperthyroidism or hyper causes retardation of growth and development of bones?

3. which causes acceleration of normal processes of maturation?


2. hypo

3. hyper


(Actions of Thyroid Hormones)

(Cariovascular and Respiratory)

1. Increase O2 consumption, therefore create what in tissues?

2. Increased what in heart? in lungs?

3. Thyroid hormones induce synthesis of what type of cardiac receptors?

4. Thyroid hormones induce synthesis of what?

1. higher demand

2. cardiac output; ventilation

3. cardiac B-adrenergic receptors

4. cardiac myosin and sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca ATPase


(Actions of Thyroid Hormones)


1. what period is essential for maturation? What occurs if hypothyroid at this time?

hypo = lazy 

hyper = excited

1. perinatal period; retardation


(Actions of Thyroid Hormones)

Autonomic Nervous System

1. Thyroid hormones interact with what to augment effects on BMR, heat production, heart rate, and stroke volume.



(Physiological Effects of Thyroid Hormones)

(Carbohydrate metabolism)

1. stimulate all aspects

2. enhances what-dependent entry of glucose into cells?

3. Increased what and what to generate free glucose?


2. insulin

3. glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis


(Thyroid Pathology)

1. What two things can cause Hypothyroidism?

2. What happens in iodine deficiency? is iodine necessary?

3. What occurs in primary thryoid disease?

1. Iodine deficiency, Primary Thyroid disease

2. thyroid becomes large (goiter), yes (this is caused by increase in TSH due to low circulation T3 and T4)

3. inflammatory diseases of thyroid destory parts of gland (autoimmune)



1. What do progoitrins (goitrins) suppress?

1. thryoid's ability to process iodide


read this

and this


read this


(Thyroid Diagnostics)

(Hypothryoidism: What Would You Expect)

1. Total T4?

2. Free T4?

3. TSH?

4. T3?

5. What's the deal with the TgAA (thyroglobulin auto-antibody) Assay?

1. low

2. low

3. high

4. low

5. present


(Thyroid Diagnostics)

look at this

she actually talked about this for a little while


Treatment for hypthyrdoism?

what is ist?

When your looking at sick animals that have other shizz going on - look a t free T4 cuase it is the least affected by all of the stuff



TSH = ?

1. Three ways of treating?

= low

1. surgery, radiation, antithryoid drugs (block idodination)


read this



Hyperthryoidism in Cats

(What's Causing It)

1. G proteins coupled to TSH receptor are stimulatory (Gs) or inhibitory (Gi)? What determines the ultimate levels of cAMP?

2. Over expression of Gs or under expression of Gi proteins wil lead to what?

1. can be both; relative amounts of Gs to Gi

2. overproduction of cAMP and activation of the thyroid cell


read this



1. multifactorial?

2. autoimmune? due to iodine content?

3. most likely what then?

4. What seem to plan an important role in the pathogenesis of this disease?

1, yes;

2. doesn't appear to be either

3. goitrogenic chemicals in cat food or cat environment

4. TSH receptor gene mutations or mutations of its associated G proteins


(Thyroid Toxicosis: Homegrown Beef)

read this