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What are the 2 major categories of hazard controls?

- Engineering
- Administrative


Define ADMIN Controls of hazards:

implementation of effective operating procedures


What are the 3 types of Engineering controls of hazards?

- Substitution
- Isolation
- Ventilation


Define and give example of Substitution (Engineering) control of hazard:

- substituting a known hazard, process, or material with a less hazardous process or material.
- Vinegar based cleaner Vs Bleach based Cleaner


Define and give example of Isolation (Engineering) control of hazard:

- placing of a barrier or limiter between the hazard and an individual
- Electrical insulation


What is Ventilation (Engineering) used to control?

- potentially hazardous airborne substances


What are the 2 methods of Ventilation (Engineering) controls of hazard?

- Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) - remove contaminants at point of generation
- General or Dilution Ventilation - for large volumes of heated air or low concentration of low toxicity contamination


How often should Safety and Occupational Health Training be conducted?



Discuss small boat safety requirements:

- if possible, only fuel while in water
- if fueling needs to be done while stored, adequate firefighting equipment must be available
- Coxswain must know the "Rules of Good Seamanship"
- lower the crew capacity during bad weather
- no smoking within 100 yards
- Make sure the drainage holes are not blocked


What are the safety requirement while conducting operations with helicopters?

- FOD walk down
- Keep minimum distance of 50 feet during the day (blades turning), and 150 feet at night.
- Approach/Leave at crouching position w/full pilot and Landing Signal Enlisted (LSE) view
- know the location of firefighting and lifesaving equipment
- remove soft hats during Helo landing/takeoff
- Do not take flash pictures during flight operations


Discuss electrical and electronic safety and tag-out precautions:

- rubber gloves must be worn when using portable electric tools
- "leather over rubber" when tools may damage rubber gloves
- preventive maintenance (alignment, adjustment, tuning, or troubleshooting of malfunctioning electronics)
- repair (removal/replacement to bring electronic equipment back to operational status)
- corrective maintenance
- ONLY CO can authorize corrective maintenance on energized electronic equipment.


What are examples of "electrical equipment"?

generator, electrically powered machinery, power cables, controllers, transformers, etc.


What are examples of "electronic equipment"?

radar, sonar, radios, power amplifiers, antennas, computers, etc.


What are the safety precautions when working with ordnance?

- BRAVO Flag must be flown while handling Ordnance (RED Task light at night)
- keep handling to a minimum
- handle with utmost care
- use certified/qualified personnel
- have established procedures
- use approved equipment
- thoroughly wash hands after handling ordnance