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What is the Mnumonic for the Brachial plexis 

you young mermaids LINE UP in front of  Poseidon's ULTRA TRIDENT. LSD SALT Made Many Mermaids Undergo Mass Misery!


What does the "U" in ULTRA stand for and waht does it innervate?

Upper Subscapular nerve, and it Inversates part of the sup-scapularus muscle


what does the "L" in ULTRA stand for and what does is innervate?

Lower Subscapular nerve that inervates the other part of the subscapularus and the Teres major


What is the "T" in Ultra trident stand for?

the Thoracodorsal nerve that is sometimes called the middle subscapular nerve (between the upper and lower after all) Innvervates the latismimus dorsi


What does the "R" in Utra Trident stand for?

The Radial nerve that Innervates the posterior arm and posterior forearm muscles


What does the "A" in Ultra Trident stand for?

The Axiillary nerve, and it Inervates the Deltoid and the teres minor


What does the L in LSD for the brachial plexus stand for?

the Lateral pectoral nerve, that Innervates the Peck Major


what does the "S" in LSD in the brachial plexus stand for?

suprasscapualar nerve and it innerates the  Supraspanatous and infraspanatious muscles


What does the "D" in LSD in the brachial plexus stand for?

Dorsal scapular nerve  and it innervates the levator scapula and two romboid muscles.


what does the LT in the "SALT" stand for in the brachial plexus?

Long thorasic nerve that  Innervates the surratous anterior


What does the Made stand for in the brachial plexus?

MEDIAL pectoral nerve and it innervates the peck major and peck minor (pierces through the peck minor and goes to the major)


What does the Many stand for in the brachial plexus?

Medial cutaneous nerve of the arm and it gives cutaneous sensation to the medial part of the arm.


What does the Mermaids stand for in the brachial plexus?

the Medial cutaneous neerve of the forearm and it gives cutaneous innervation to the medial forearm.


what does the Undergo in the brachial plexus pnumonic stand for?

it stands for Ulnar nerve and it provides innervation to the flexor carpial ulnaris and half the flexor digitorum profundus, and most the intrinsic hand muslces.


What is the Mass in the brachial plexus pnumonic stand for?

the Median nerve that innervates most of the forearm flexors and the thenar muslces and the lateral two lumbricals


What does the Misery stand for in the bracial plexus pnumonic?

 the musculocutaneous nerve innervates all the muscles of  the anterior compartment of the arm


I just got an infection that affected the anterior division of the brachial plexus...what type of muscles are affected?

the flexors or anterior compartment muscles in the arm/forearm/hand


What happens to each of the trunks of the brachial plexus as they course down the arm?

they each biforcate to contribute one leg to the antierior and one to the posterior division...


How do we name the cords of the brachial plexus?

in relation to the axialary artery.


what are the 5 parts of the brachial plexus?

Roots (C5-T1)

Trunks (Sup., Middle, Inf.)

Divisions (Ant. and Post.)

Cords (Lat. Post. Medial)

Branches (M,M,U,R,A)


the brachial plexus drawn out in its entirety and labeled!

A image thumb

What is a synovial joint?

two bones come together wrapped in synovial membrane and bathed in synovial fluid


The synovial Ball and socket joint in my upper body just got dislocated...where do I need to get an ultrasound of?  (most moveable joint)

my shoulder!  or the Glenohumeral joint!


why is the glenohumeral joint the most flexibile in the body?  what why is this bad?

only 1/3 of the humerual head articulates with the glenonoid cavity at a time.  This means it is unstable however.


A tear to one of these structures would de-stabalize the most flexible joint in the body

the glenohumeral joint held by...

A image thumb

It is a like a bowl or a toilet plunger in the shoulder joint...

the glenoid labrum is a ring of fibrous cartilage that surounds the glenoid cavity that suctions to the humeral head and stabalizes it!


I ripped the attachment of the bicep tendon long head...what structure might I have damaged?

the Glenoid labrum!


I just destroyed the periosteum of my leg bones...what joint worries do I have?

the periostium extends around joints to make a joints capsule and so I would be worried about the joint stability without the capsule to create a negative pressure (seal) to keep the joint together.


why does the shoulder joint capsule allow for some dislocation inferiorly?

the axillary fold of the capsule gives a littel room below the joint to dislocate


there is a structure that I tore in the shoulder and I am worried about my shoulder dislocating easily inferiorly because of the tear...what structure was probably damaged?

the Coracohumeral ligament that goes from the humerus to the coracoid process to pull up the head of the humerous.


there is a structure that I tore in the shoulder and I am worried about my shoulder dislocating easily in a  superior direction because of the tear...what structure was probably damaged?

The coracoacromial ligament that acts as a backstop to the shoulder joint being pushed up!


there is a structure that I tore in the shoulder and I am worried about my clavical popping out of the clavicular-acromial joint because of the tear...what structure was probably damaged?

the Coracoclaviacular ligament ties the clavicle to the coracoid process and the acromioclavicular ligament help hold the acromial to the clavicle.


Name the movement

Q image thumb



Name the movement

Q image thumb



name this motion

Q image thumb



name this motion

Q image thumb



name this movement.

Q image thumb

medial rotation


name this movement

Q image thumb

Lateral rotation


totaly just blew one of the muscle of the rotator cuff, what muscles need to be checked by my doc?

The suprasinatus muscle

The infraspanatus muscle

Tere minor muscle

subscapularis muscle

the S.I.T.S. muscles


I tore the muscle just above the spine of the scapula...what muslce?

the supraspinatus muscle that goes just deep to the acromian along the top of the joint

A image thumb

what motion is knocked out if I pinch the suprasinatus muscle in the acromialclavicale joint

inital abduction of the arm in the first 15 degrees.


I just got slapped on the back really hard and the muslce just below the spine of my clavicle is aching like crazy...what muscle is pulled?

the Infraspinatus muscle

A image thumb

the muscle that is the second and smaller muscle on the back of hte scapula is torn...what muscle and action would be affected?

the Teres minor muscle and External rotation of the humurus...a little...

A image thumb

the teres minor is torn, why is external rotation not gone?

the subspinous muscle is also externally rotation the humerous! 


Name this muscle yo!

Q image thumb

Subscapular muscle


I tore the subscapularis muscle...what movement is hard for me now?

Internal rotation!


what is the common function of the rotator cough muscles?

they hold the humerous in place!


what myatome would be checked if the supraspinatus muslce doesn't seem to be working?

the C5 and C6 levels innervate the suprasinatus musce.


Just cut a nerve during surgery and the abduction and external rotation of the glenohumeral joint seem to be affected, what nerve was it?

it was the suprascapular nerve that innervates the supraspinatus muscle and the infraspinatus muscle!


What nerve did I cut if the internal rotation of the humerous seems to be very week! 

the lower subscapular nerve or the upper subscapular nerve...both of these (part of ULTRA on the trident) innervate the subscapularis muscle.


I seem to be having a hard time with glenohumeral flexion...what muscle do I check?

check the posterior belly of the deltoid.  


what are the bellies and actions of the deltoids?

Anterior: GH flexion

Middle: HG abduction

Posterior: GH extension.


this nerve was cut during my amazing surgical procedure...and now the ony movement of the glenohumeral join that doesn't seem to be affected is the internal rotation of the joint...what nerve?

the axillary nerve that innervates the deltoids and the teres minor muscle!


the elbow joint aricular cartilage is damaged (humerous side) waht structrue needs to be MRI imaged?

the throclea (on the ulnar side) and the Capitulum (on the radius side)


name this motion

Q image thumb



name this movement

Q image thumb




where are the articulations for forearm rotation?

radial notch at the top of the ulnar and ulnar notch at the bottom of the radius!


Name this motion

Q image thumb



Name this motion

Q image thumb



elbow joint ligaments!

A image thumb

tore a elbow ligament and I'm worried about it dislocating laterally... with medial force or varus force

Radial collateral ligament that connects from the radius to the lateral epicondial of the humerous.


I am worried that if Valgus force is applied to the elbow it will dislocate...what ligament must be damaged?

the Ulnar collateral lligament that connects from the medial epicondial of the humerous to the ulnar bone.


the radial head pronating/supinating and dislocates...what ligament is damaged?

Annular ligament


what iare the 4 brachial muslces?  what do they do, and what innervates them?

A image thumb

Dang...cut the Radial nerve...what brachial muscle will be affected?

the Posterior compartment is the radial nerve...so the triceps brachii muscle!


the Anterior compartment of the brachial muscles seem to "OOC" what nerve would be tested?

the Muscular cutaneous nerve!  


why would I have trouble holding soup if I lost the Muscular cutanious nerve?

the biceps brachialus is the main soupinator and it is innervated by the muscular cutanious nerve.


coracobrachialus muscle is torn...what cunatnous field would I be checking?

the muscular cutaneous nerve field in the forearm since the MC nerve goes right rhough the middle of the coracobrachialius muslce.


my bicep brachialus are both torn...but I still can flex the elbow...whtat the what?

the brachialus muscle also acts to flex the elbow!


what dermatome  would I check to see if the flexion of the elbow is properly innervated?

the lateral fore-arm or C6 myatome.  The musculocutaneous nerve innervates the biceps brachii, coracobrachialis and brachialis and it gets its roots from C5 C6 and C7 but mostly from C6


what dermatome am I checking to see if elbow extension is most likely innervated properly?

the middle finger...C7!


a humerous is broken at the midline...what dermatome do I ckeck

the middle finger!!!!