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Overview of the forearm Flexors...8 muscles!

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I just cut right through the pronator teres muscle...what nerve am I worried about damaging and waht motion would be difficult?  

median nerve..and pronation!


Name the superficial forearm flexors from median to lateral, what is the action and the innervation?

Pronator teres, Flexor carpi redialis, palmaris longus, flexor carpi ulnaris.  Flex the wrist,  All inervated by the median nerve except FCU that is the ulnar nerve!

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I just lost the use of a muscle and I can flex the distal interflangeal joint normal but he proximal interfalagieal joint is weaker than usual.  what muscle did I lose?  I can't isolate and move my pinky by itself!

the Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle, it goes from the medial epicondial and radius to the middle phalagies!


I seel to have lost strength in only the 4th and 5th digits., and espeicially the distal phalangial joint.  what muscle and nerve is affected?

the flexor digitorum profundus muscle and the ulnar nerve.  The digits 2/3 are the median nerve and the other half of the flexor digitorum profundus muscle!


the pronator muscle that is in the forearm by the wrist

the pronator quadratus


Name me these muscles and common location, origin, action, and innervation

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Location: anterior forearm 

Origin: Medial epicondyle

Action: Flexion

Innervation:  Median nerve; Ulnar nerve (FCU,1/2FDP)


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the contents of the Carpal Tunnel

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flexor Retinaculum on top

four tendons of the Flexor Digitorum Superficialus

four tendons of the Flexor digiorum profundus

Tendon of the flexor polusu longus

Synovial sheath around the tendons

The median nerve!

Carpal bones


the muscles of the posterior forearm over view!

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the three muscles that would together focus on extending the wrist...

Extensor Carpi radialis logus and brevis and extensor carpi ulnaris!

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the muscle that pulls the thumb away and down from the pronated hand 

the abductor pollisis ongus muscle

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the two muscles that  focus on extending the thumb

Extensor poliicis logus and brevis muscles

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the principle extendor of the metecarpal phalangial  joint

The Extensor digitorum communis muscle

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What extends the phalangial joints even if the extensor digitorum communis muscle is gone?

the lumbrical muslces.


Name me this muslce and action

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The extensor digiti minimi muscle that extends the pinky.


Name this muscle

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Extensor indices muscle.


Why is the "rock-on" symbol easy to make?

the indicy and the pinky finger has its own extensor muscles...! two total muscles each to extend them like that!


this muslce is an extensor that flexes the elbow

The brachioradialus muscle!


what is the common origin; action; and innervation of the back of the forearm muscles?

Action: Extend the wrist and fingers.

Innervation: Radial nerve

Origin: Lateral epicondyle


I tore through a small illte muslce and worried about the extension of my wrist because of what nerve?

the radial nerve that goes through the supinator muscle at the top of the forearm 


What is the floor, boundry, artery and nerve of the anatomicl snuff box?

Floor:  Scaphoid bone

Artery: Radial Artery

Roof nerve: superfical radial nerve that innervates the back of the hand


What is this muslce (and the three in the group)

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Thenar muscles,

Abductor pollicis prvis

Flexor pollicis brevis

opponens policis muscle


the actions of the thenar muscles



opponens (thumb to pinky)


innervation of the thenar muscles

the recurrent branch of the median nerve (after it traverses the carpal tunnel)


What is this grup of muscles?

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Hypothenar mucles




Opponens digiti minimi mucles


I ride my bike for a while and the pinky is numb and weak ... why?

gyons canal is squashed which will squish the Ulnar nerve!


Identify this muscle group 

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the lumbricals


How is the insertion of the lumbricals unique

They arise on the palmer surface and then wrap around the fingers and insert on the back of the fingers through the extensor expansion hood that courses over the MCP joint.

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What is the action of the lumbricals?

flex the MCP joint and Extend the IP joints!  "point the fingers out!)


I cut the ulnar nerve...how does this affect the lumbrical muscles?

 the 4th and 5th digit lumbricals will be affected but not the 2nd and 3rd...

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ID these muscles

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the Adductor Pollicis muscles that do thumb adduction

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ID these muscles on the Dorsal surface of the hand..between the meta carpals.  what do they do?  innervation?

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The Dorsal Interossei muscles.  Abduct the MCP joints.


innervated by the ulner nerve!


ID these muscles on the palmers surface  and what do they do and what innervates them?

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Palmer Interossei muscles "PAD"  They adduct the hand! and innervated by Ulnar nerve.