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Who was the first King to control all of England?



When did Aethelstan rule?



Tell me about England before it United

It has been a collection of territories rule by angle or Saxon Chiefs

They started to unite under Alfred the great in the ninth century


What was England's economy based on

Agriculture, also came from trade in wool and natural mineral resources sucks as iron, lead and copper


Why and when did the Vikings invade

England's wealth made it attractive to Viking invaders who raided and then settled in the NORTH of England in the eleventh century


Where did the Vikings come from

Norway, Sweden and Denmark (Scandinavia)


Who were the Vikings/ what were they like

They were skilled sailors who travelled long distances to find natural resources that were scarce at home.


What was the Vikings inheritance system like

Meant that a mans land was divided between all his sons

This meant that holdings got smaller and smaller so the Vikings were looking for places to settle


What was Normandy like in the eleventh century

Was an independent country and ruled by a duke


What were the Normans like in 1050's

They were descended from Vikings (Norsemen) who has settled in 911 due to its wealth of resources,

They gradually became known as Normans and established and settled a wealthy community and always trying to expand community.


Tell me about the Christian church in the 1050's

Religious belief was very strong and the Catholic Church dominated Western Europe - priests among every village

Head of church was based in Rome and the pope has a huge influence over Europe - had strong political influence too


How do we know about Norman England?

The conquest was a significant event and was written a lot about - however not always accurate favoured William or hated him.


What key event happened in 1016

Aethelred the unready (English) dies and Canute (Viking) becomes king


What key event happens in 1017

Aethelreds widow Emma (English) marries Canute


What key event happened in 1035

Canute dies


What key event happens in 1035-1040

Harold harefoots reign


What key event happens in 1040-1042

Harthacanutes reign


What key event happens in 1042

Edward the confessor becomes king


What key event happens in 1051

Godwin family is exiled


What key event happens in late 1050's

Harold proclaimed sub-regulus


What key event happens in 1066 - January

Edward the confessor dies


Was England a rich country - how so?

Yes it has fertile farming land, rich mineral resources, wool trade farming, English towns good source of taxes, Christian country

^all this made it very effective for invaders


How did England deal with constant raids from the Vikings

They would pay the Vikings to leave

The payment were called DANEGELD


How did the Normans keep some influence on England

Richard the duke of Normandy forced Emma (aethelreds widow) to marry Canute


How did Canute marrying Emma benefit him

Marrying the previous kings widow was some way appeasing to the English


How did Canute divide England

Into 4 earldoms which were:

Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia and east Anglia


What were the earls like under canutes reign

Most powerful men in country after Canute, the earl of Wessex (earl Godwin) was the most powerful of the four earls


What was Edward the confessors path to throne like

Canute died, his sons harefoot and harthacanute has short reigns - harthacanute was preoccupied with problems in Denmark or ill

So he invited Edward (Emma's son and his half brother) to England

Edward appointed harthacanutes successor and won support of earls, was crowned King on 3 April 1043


What was Edward like?

He had only been a child when Vikings invaded England, he had escaped to Normandy and raised in Norman court so respected the Norman ways of life


What were the relations like with edward and the Godwin family

Edward married earl godwins daughter Edith, but in 1051 the godwins rebelled but Edward survived with support of Northumbria and Mercia and exiled the Godwin family in 1051