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Normal volume / function of pleural fluid?

- 100cc
- Lung's elastic recoil makes them want to collapse
- Ribs have the desire to expand
- This tugging pulls fluid into pleural space


Which pleura is innervated?

- Only the parietal, the visceral is not
- Important when draining fluid, ptn cannot feel if you poke lung if you hit visceral pleura


Blood supply to visceral pleura?

Arterial: bronchial and pulm arteries
Venous: through pulmonary veins to LA


Blood supply to parietal pleura?

Arterial: intercostals off aorta
Venous: through IVC to RA


What happens in primary left heart failure?

- Extra fluid left in LV at end of diastole increase EDP
- Pressure transferred back into pulm veins to alveoli leading to pulm edema AND movement of fluid into pleural space
- Typically effusion is larger on the right


What happens in pulm htn?

- Pleural effusion should not occur
- Back up is before blood gets to interstitium so blood should back up into IVC/SVC
- Leads to Cor pulmonale
***Pulm htn. can made left sided effusion worse since parietal pleura drains to IVC


Normal pressure in pleural space?

- Negative 5 due to competing recoils of lungs and ribs


What can cause pleural fluid formation?

1. Leaky pleura: inflammation
2. Changes in hydrostatic or oncotic pressure


Definition of pleural effusion?

- Extra fluid in the pleural space


Symptoms of pleural effusion?

1. None
2. Pain: more likely if small as pain is from surfaces rubbing together, large effusion pushes them apart
3. Dyspnea
4. Respiratory failure


Exam findings in pleural effusion?

1. Dullness to percussion: when tapping in chest
2. Decreased breath sounds
3. Decreased tactile fremitus
4. Egophony- > E - A change
****Always need to be verified with cxr


Signs of pleural effusion on cxr?

1. Blunting of angle (costo phrenic angle of diaphragm)
2. Meniscus sign at top
3. White out


What can cause white out?

1. Massive pleural effusion
2. Atelectasis: lung has lost all its air
**During effusion trache will be pushed a bit away from fluid moving it
- Will be pulled to opposite side in atelectasis


Different between "White out" from massive effusion and atelectasis?

Effusion: trachea is being pushed AWAY from white out by fluid
Atelectasis: Trachea is being pulled TOWARDS white out


How to tell if white on xray is from fluid?

- Have ptn take x ray in lateral decubitus
- Fluid should FLOW towards side of ptn on the table


What are loculations?

- Fluid should NORMALLY flow to diaphragm if free flowing due to gravity
- Loculations or adhesions between pleura TRAP fluid from draining with gravity
****Usually this is caused by inflammation which is hard to treat with antibiotics, surgical procedure could be needed to drain
- Might be harder to hit with needle and pockets pay be different


What is thoracentesis?

- Numb skin and place needle OVER ribs to drain fluid
- Can be done to diagnose or treat


Why is it important to go OVER rib in thoracentesis?

- Neurovascular bundle runs under the rib
- Important not to hit these arteries / nerves


What can lead to leaky pleural place?

1. Infection
2. Inflammation
3. Cancer


What can lead to increase pulm capillary pressure?

1. LV failure


What can lead to decreased pleural pressure?

- Atelectasis


What can lead decreases plump cap oncotic pressure?

1. Cirrhosis
2. Malnutrition


Diagnostic categories of pleural effusion?

1. Leaky pleural space
2. Increase pulm cap pressure
3. Decreased pleural pressure
4. Decreased cap oncotic pressure
5. Direct entry of ascitic, blood, lymph, or gastric fluid


What is transudate?

- Nothing wrong with pleural space itself, there is just pressure gradient change


What is exudate?

- Leaky pleura


How is it determined if fluid is transudate or exudate?

- Thoracentesis with lab analysis


What is light's criteria?

Any 1 of these 3 criteria makes fluid exudate:
1. Pleural protein / serum protein > .5
2. LDH pleural / serum > .6
3. LDH pleural > 200
a. Cholesterol pleural > 45
***Can be issue since you need serum value for 2


Should Heart failure have transudate or exudate?

- Transudate


How could heart failure lead to false positive of serum exudate?

- Diuretics given to train off fluid
- Can falsely [protein/LDH] pleural fluid making it appear exudate
***Cholesterol will not be falsely elevated


DDx for transudate?

1. CHF
2. Cirrhosis
3. Nephrotic Syndrome
4. Atelectasis