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13-15 Months

hands free in walking

grasps 2 one inch cubes with one hand

scribbles in imitation

builds toweor

voluntary release 

feeds  self partially

stiffens neck and pushes through shirt


13-18 Months

understands and follows simple commands (first displays of cognitive development)

includes others as recipients of play behaviors

points to 3 body parts

uses expressive jargon

recessive language greater than expressive

shakes head "no"

experiences peak of separation distress 

walks independent

creeps up steps


18 Months

hurls ball

carries objects

makes vertical strokes

scribble by self or upon request

feeds self without spilling

likes to play

builds bigger towers

turns pages (multiple at a time)

removes socks

walks backward

creeps down steps

begins to run stiffly

attempts to kick ball by walking into it 


18-24 Months

finds hidden objects through invisible displacement

shows deferred imitation

activates toy or doll in pretend play

understands multiword utterances

uses multiword utterances to express complex thoughts

20-100+ word vocab

identifies pictures when named

demonstrates less separation distress

begins to show empathetic response to another's distress


21 Months

handles cup but doesn't understand "too full" and spills

cleans up

builds bigger tower

finer motor skills

turn doorknobs, unscrew lids

turns pages 1 at a time

takes off button shirt


2 years

uses railing on steps

kicks large ball

stands on balance beam

jumps off low step

makes horizonal strokes

can imitate a circle but not initiate one

imitates a "V"

likes drawing, playing, can cleen, help dress

unties bow on shoes


28 months

jumps off floor with both feet


2.5 years

holds crayon in fingers rather than fist

removes pants and other pull down garments


24-36 months

shows ability to substitute objects in pretend play

matches objects

responds to 2 or 3 commands

sings songs

rapid increase in language

uses verb strategies to start a conversation 

uses 2 part sentences

demands responses

250+ word vocab

begins to respond verbally to another's distress

includes other in pretend play


3 years

walks up staris alternative geet

true ruth with non support phase

throws overhand without trun rotation

jumps over small object

rides tricycle

balances on 1 foot momentarily

hops three times 

builds 9-10 cube tower

copies circles

uses scissors inaccurately

unbuttons front and side buttons

dresses and undresses almost independently

unlaces shoes

tells a simple story

can count to five

tells action in pictures

puts together puzzle

follows 3 step unrelated command