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continuing violence and discrimination of SOuth gave ammunition to

Communist bloc in Cold War who saw USA as defending rotten capitalist system


better communications especially spread of TV =

brought racial violence home to Americans nationally


murder of 14 yr old AA Emmet Till
why did it shock USA

acquittal of killer by all white jury. crime was talking 'fresh' to white woman


Pictures of Southern mobs abusing black schoolgirl at Little Rock 1957 =

dangerously bad for image of USA


by 1960 AA organisations

better organised
more skilled in making demands


Kennedy supportive?

sympathetic speeches.
more appointments of AA to positions of Authority


Kennedy limited?

slow to make civil rights the key element in his administration


key figure
Medgar Evers

civil rights activist
worked with NAACP
murdered in 1963 and his killer acquitted by an all white jury


why was Civil Rights forced to forefront of national politics by 1963

1. ongoing violence - murder of civil rights leader medgar evers 1962
2. increasingly effective campaigns by civil rights organisations - march on Washington demanding CR largest public demonstration seen in capital (led to one of most effective CR speeches by MLK)


Little Rock 1957

following Brown . Topeka Board of Education
NAACP enroll 9 AA students into little rock high school
denied entry by crowds which were supported by Arkansas National Guard ordered in by Faubus (govener of Arkansas)
Eisenhower sends federal support and students allwed in but faced harassment


what made civil rights legislation more extensive and effective

assasination of kenedy 1963 =
new leadership of Lyndon B johnson
emotional rallying cry that kennedys vision had to be fulfilled