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When an "OH" group does not take priority and thus loses the suffix "ol", how do we indicate the presence of an "OH" group when naming the molecule?

We use the term "hydroxy". For example if we had 2-hydroxypropanoic acid (aka lactic acid) the carboxylic acid takes priority over the "OH" group on the second carbon atom.


What is the only functional group isomer (that we need to know about) of "Hexene" (C6H12)?

Cyclohexane. This is a ring of six carbon atoms, each one is bonded to two hydrogens.


Why do we not need to specify the number of the carbon atom upon which the methyl group is attached to in "methylpropane"? Note: there's no harm in doing this in the exam, however if you get the number wrong you will lose marks.

If the methyl group were on any Carbon other than the second the molecule would no longer be methylpropane, it would now be butane. This means the name implies the carbon atom's number upon which the methyl group lies.


How many bonds can a carbon atom make? 


What would you call this? 

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What's the name of this 'ere functional group?


And where is the only place in a molecule we can find it? 

An Aldehyde.

We can only find them on a carbon aton attached to one other carbon atom. In other words there can only be primary aldehydes. 


Name the appropriate suffix for each of the following, assuming that each is the highest priority functional group...

1.) An aldehyde

2.) A carboxylic Acid

3.) A ketone

4.) An alcohol

5.) A standard hydrocarbon

6.) An alkene 

1.) "al"

2.) "oic acid"

3.) "one" - pronounced "own"

4.) "ol"

5.) "ane"

6.) "ene" 



List the prefixes used to indicate the number of carbon atoms in a chain from 1 to 8. 

Meth, eth, prop, but, pent, hex, hept, oct. 


What name would you give this? 




Draw out "2,2-Chlorofluoropropane" please.

Hopefully it looked something like this. In the real exam make sure to draw out all the hydogen bonds however. 


Draw out "tetramethylmethane"

It should look like this, with hydrogen bonds drawn out fully though. 


Define structural isomerism. 

Any two molecules that have the same molecular formula but different structures, i.e they are put together in different ways. 


What types of isomerism are shown between Butan-2-one and methylpropanal?  

Functioal group isomerism (between the aldehyde and the ketone) and chain/strucural isomerism between the butan and the methylpropan. 


What type of isomerism is shon between 1-chloropropane and 2-chloropropane? 

Position isomerism


Hypothetically if we had a Fluorine, a Chlorine, a Brominne and an Iodine attached to a carbon atojm what would we call it? Baring in mind the order in which the halogens must be listed...