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Name the three methods for extracting plant oils.

Cold Pressing, Steam Distillation and Solvent Extraction.


What is the highest temperature oils can be extracted using Cold Pressing?

50 degrees Celsius
(27 degrees for Olive oil)


Name advantages of Steam Distillation.

-It's efficient
-Due to the use of water, a byproduct can be created to sell.


What physical state is saturated fat at room temperature?

Solid, it also has only single bonds C-C.


What physical state is unsaturated fat at room temperature?

Liquid, it has double bonds C=C.


What conditions are needed for hardening oil?

60°c, Hydrogen and a nickel catalyst.


How does hydrogenation harden vegetable oil?

The C=C bond in unsaturated oil breaks open and joins with the hydrogen added with a single bonds to form saturated oil.


What are 3 ways that plant oils can be extracted?

Cold Pressing, Steam Distillation and Solvent Extraction.


Why is oil better at cooking some foods than using water?

It has a higher boiling point, so the food can be cooked at a higher temperature and will cook quicker.


Why do unsaturated fats have a lower boiling point?

They have double C=C bonds, which means that they cannot rotate as easily, and have smaller intermolecular forces which means they need less energy to change state.


What is an emulsion?

An emulsion is a mixture of small globules of one liquid suspended in another that are immisible because they will not mix.


Why do you use a detergent to wash dishes?

The detergent is an emulsifier that allows the emulsion of fat molecules and water molecules to mix and wash up of the plate.


What does immiscable mean?

does not mix/combine e.g. Oil and water


Out of hydrophobic and hydrophilic, which one means 'water hating'?

Hydrophilic means 'water liking'.


What are hydrogenated vegetable oils used for?

Baking, cooking and making margarine/chocolate.


What are the features of an emulsifier?

Hydrophilic head, water hating and hydrophobic tail, water liking