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What is an example of a social barrier in cut off areas?

Political Barrier


What is a threshold?

Having enough people to guarantee a profit on an investment


Lack of infrastructure can lead to a place being cut off from the world. T or F?

T - Infrastructure is necessary for growth of a region economically and often encourages TNC investment


Why can trading be an issue in developing countries?

They might not have anything worthwhile to trade/ not have a method of efficient trading


How can poverty cause an area to be cut off from the world?

No internet access, less medial coverage, poor education, spiral of decline, no-one is able to escape the loop


How can civil war cause an area to be cut off from the world?

Civil war forces the majority of the population into displacement or poverty and results in destruction of property. Can often lead to a country collapsing under their internal conflicts.


How can a poor education lead to an area being cut off from the world?

Poor education > illiterate children > can't efficiently solve internal issues > can't improve quality of life > poor communication with external world > lack of technology


Why are some landlocked countries shut off from the world?

They may sustain a poor relationship with their more powerful neighboring countries and cannot develop relationships with other countries due to this


Some countries are shut off from the world because of having poor governance. T or F?

T - poor governance leads to internal issues in a country and therefore no-one wants to associate with said country


What is a common physical problem with countries that causes them to be disconnected from the world?

Arid/dry conditions/desertification, disallows crop growth, less trading opportunities


In Mali, 64% of global population live below the poverty line. T or F?



Having a high amount of refugees is a _____ barrier of a developing country?



What do most African countries lack that causes them to have a high poverty rate?

Water, Roads, Housing


The main language in Mali is French. T or F?