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When Grizzlies Walked Upright author

Modoc; RETOLD BY Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz


The Navajo Origin Legend author

Navajo; RETOLD BY Washington Matthews


The Iroquois Constitution author

Iroquois - TRANSLATED BY Arthur C. Parker


The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano author

Olaudah Equiano


Diamond Island: Alcatraz Allisti Ti-Tanin-Miji (Rock Rainbow) author

darryl Babe Wilson


Journey of the First Voyage to America author

Christopher Columbus


The General History of Virginia author

John Smith


Of Plymouth Plantation author

William Bradford


Huswifery author

Edward Taylor


To My Dear and Loving Husband author

Anne Bradstreet


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Jonathan Edwards


what does this unit of american literature deal with?

native americans
southern planters


what did the native americans, southern planters, and puritans have in common

they had a close bond with nature


-best adapted
-had many diverse groups (various languages, rituals, religious customs, history, social organizations)
- most literature was oral
- besides stereotypes, they were mostly peaceful
- reverence for the land

native americans


- first settled in Jamestown VA in 1607
- were unprepared for the environment
lived on farms or plantations that were far from one another
- large estates owned by wealthy colonists who were more social than the puritans
- english aristocracy
-important to them: cultivation of nature and society, sophistication, public service
- many belonged to church of England
- no reason to create their own literature (letters & journals recorded their life)
- main goal: set up tobacco plantations with african slave labor

southern planters


- devout christians who broke away from church of England (wanted to purify the church)
- main goal: new zion
- bibe =law
-goals for new church: simplify, strip of pomp,
- man is born evil
-predestination (elect go to heaven)
- theocracy
- hard workers, prayerful people
- punishable offenses (not keeping the sabath, fornication on sundays, blasphemy, drunkeness, games, dancing, bowling, individual interests)



what was literature like in the 17th century

- pragmatic, spiritual
- diaries
- letters
- nonfiction and not drama
- authors of this time are basically the founders
- puritan writing is plain


Name the 4 native american tribes mentioned in the indian creation stories

onondaga(peaceful people)
navajo (largest native american nation in US)
Modoc (hostilities with US army; independent villages)
Iroquois (urged peace and no violence; still exist today)


summarize the earth on the turtles back

water on the earth. people lived in the sky. woman has dream about tree. uplift tree. pregnant woman falls through. the birds catch her. the animals (muskrat) pull the earth up from under water and give her a place to land


summarize when grizzlies walked upright

chief of sky goes down a snow mountain onto earth. has house. the daughter tells sky to be quiet. gets sucked away because he went out of chimney to see the ocean. bears find her. raise her with their cubs. she marries a bear and has children. father found out and was mad. curses bears to walk on all fours and not talk anymore. indians dont kill bears bc they are theyre ancestors


summarize The navajo origin

people cleansed themseves. 2 sacred bucksin and 2 ears of corn and 2 feathers piled together. mirage people (mirage personified) walked around the pile. Man and woman were born. "live together now as husband and wife"


summarize the iroquois constitution

confederate ppl (mohawk, oneida, cayuga, seneca tribes) make Tree of the Great Peace. all affairs of confederate ppl happened there. ppl could join confederacy there. eagle at the top of tree alerts danger. before meetings they compliment each other. dishonesty is bad.


who is olaudah equiano

kidnapped and sold into slavery. traveled the middle passage. worked on boats as a slave. saved to buy his freedom. enslaved for ten years. when freed he devoted his life to abolishing slavery. died before it was abolished. wrote autobiography


summarize the interesting narrative of the life of olaudah equiano

on a slave ship. cramped under the deck. no food. the young ppl are allowed on deck. he sees the mariners working. sees the quadrant (likes it). ppl want money. they catch fish and throw extras overboard instead of feeding them. they stop at barbados. the slaves think they are going to be eaten. old ppl calm them and say they will work. they go on land and are sold.


what is the purpose of Diamond of Alcatraz

the earlier parts of this unit talk about the experiences during this time. diamond of alca is about informing the modern generations about their ancestory and their history. they want them to remember their cultures. a "meeting of the cultures"


summarize diamon of alcatraz

receives mail. grandpa's name (story about the grandfathers story). grandfather tells the story. earthquake created diamond island (Alcatraz; rainbow rock). they thought a Spanish explorer discovered Alcatraz but no. {mouse brothers searched for a treasure that would save the people(diamond is lost but it helped)}. ppl came and took grandpas mother (pregz with him) and the rest of their tribe. sent them to alcatraz. born in alcatraz. they practiced swimming. swam away at night. hid and traveled to safe land. found mount shasta and lived there.


Who was Christopher columbus

traveled to americas in 1492 (funded by spain). 3 ships; nina, pinta, santa maria. they traveled by a compass and found the land. he made three more voyages. he wanted to keep finding new land.


why did columbus keep his first journals of the first voyage to america

to inform his patrons about his trip


how does columbus's journal of the first voyage to america help readers share his experiences

he compared his discoveries with things in spain


why did columbus give the island peope hawks' bells and glass beads?

to impress and flatter them


why did columbus mention gold two times in one day of journa of the first voyage to america

finding gold and riches was a big part of his journey. also it would have attracted Spain's attention and allowed them to give more funding to his voyages


why did columbus take some plants he discovered

he needed to show proof of his journeys


who was john smith

adventurere, poet, mapmaker, egotist; famous explorer; founder of jamestown; often embellished; pirates held him against his will and took his money


who was William bradford

explorer; lead pilgrims to Massachusetts; puritan who wanted to leave the church of England; recorded experiences; wrote about the plymouth plantation


summarize the general history of Virginia

tough times in virginia. ppl died. mad at council for sending them unprepared. captain smith appointed to command. he helped others before themselves (was a "great person"). indians took him captive. he led them away but 2 ppl got killed by indians. the savages were gonna kill him but pochahontas saved him (this was probably just a scheme for powhatan to show power) . they set him free. he went back to the camp where he gave them some weapons and they made peace. the indians gave them provisions and helped them succeed. he thanked god for getting him there safely and for changing the indians hearts and for other things??? the other pilgrims were going to blame smith for the death of the two ppl but they didnt?


summarize of plymouth plantation

pilgrims traveled to americas on the mayflower. rough voyage. some died they kept going because of a strong screw that fixed the broken beam on the boat. someone was thrown overboard but he made it back on. they made it to virginia instead of massachussettes. many were sick and dying but some werent and took care of the sick. they blamed each other for the misfortunes. some indians came and stole stuff. indian Samoset (from the eastern boarders) spoke english and talked to them. he left and came back with Squanto and some others. they made peace and agreements. squanto stayed with them to help them until he died.


summarize huswifery

it asks for the Lord to make him a spinning wheel of his works. it asks for the Lord to make him a loom. he wants to be guided and used by and for God, similar to the way a craftsman would with a spinning wheel of loom.


who is edward taylor

puritan who didnt publish his work right away because it was somewhat self-centered. a good poet and teacher;


who is anne bradstreet

Puritan writer who wasnt really appreciated because she was a women and wrote "selfishly"; a good poet


Summarize my dear and loving husband

she talks about how she wants to love him and God forever and about how they will grow in God's love together and will eventually have eternal life together.


who was Jonathan Edwards

did sermons (even as a child); scared puritans; a leader of Great Awakening; born in Connecticut; religious but also believed in science and reason; went to yale; removed as pastor because he banned "improper" books


summarize In The Hands of an Angry God

sermon meant to scare puritans; no one can be saved. no matter what good deeds youve done only god can save. the mere pleasure of God is what is keeping you from the fires of hell. uses imagery (more affective). there good deeds are like a web. gods wrath is like raging waters. bow and arrow(bent bow pointing at your injustices). people screamed and cried during the sermon and he had to tell people to quiet down. you have now to repent and get mercy. now or never.


why were the indian creation stories made

to give an explanation to how the earth came about


how did olaudah equiano impact his readers

he used descriptive language to catch their emotions (emotional appeals)


what was the importance of the story about diamond island

it was to make the modern generations know about what happened in their ancestry and how they came to be. its so they know their history and dont forget their cultures


how did john smith make himself look like the hero

he said how he built houses for others before himself. he took on the indians and survived. he led them to success. he wrote it so he probably embellished


why is Jonathan Edward go back and forth between a merciful god and predestination

he was confused on his religion. he didn't really know what to believe. he kind of started going against predestination beliefs


The earth on turtles back author

onondaga-northeast woodlands; RETOLD BY michael J Caduto and Joseph Bruchac