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what was the function of the council?

-advise the king
-administer the realm on the kings behalf
-make legal judgments


what were the 3 main types of councillor?

-members of the nobility
-churchmen-often had legal training n and were excellent advisors
-laymen- either gentry or lawyers-were skilled administrators


what was the council learned?

the councils main offshoot
its job was to maintain the kings revenue and exploit his prerogative rights
was the council learned that formed bonds and recognisances
wasn't a recognised court of law
supposedly created fear and anger as it bypassed the normal legal system


what were some sources for royal income?

crown lands
pensions from other powers
profits of justice
extraordinary revenue


crown lands

same into play after Henry abolished Edwards system of administration through the chamber
Henry started on £12000 a year being made but after this abolishment the finances grew to around £42000 per year


what was tonage and poundage?

Tonnage was a fixed subsidy on each tun (cask) of wine imported, and poundage was an ad valorem (proportional) tax on all imported and exported goods.