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What was Aristotle known for?

He found that life-forms could be arranged on a ladder, scala naturae.


What was Linnaeus known for?

He found that you can classify life’s diversity, developed the two-part, binomial format for naming species.


What is Strata?

Over time, new layers of sediment cover older ones and compress them into superimposed layers of rock, called strata.


What was Cuvier known for?

He defined catastrophism: the theory that the Earth has been affected in the past by sudden, short-lived, violent events, possibly worldwide in scope (contrast of gradualism).


What was Hutton known for?

He said that the Earth's geological features could be explained by gradualism.


What was Lyell known for? (Plus what did he say about the Earth's age?)

- He stated that mechanisms change constantly over time (uniformitarianism).

- He also stated that the Earth must be much older than the widely accepted age.


What were the 2 things Lamarck known for? (Plus what did he say about why evolution happens?)

- Use and disuse will cause growth and deterioration, respectively, of parts of the body.

- Inheritance of acquired traits
ex. If a parent chopped off their finger, their child would be born missing a finger.

- Evolution happens because organisms have an innate drive to become more complex.