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When should "minimum fuel" be declared to ATS?

If the anticipated fuel on recovery will reach the fixed reserve, notify without delay.


When should a PAN PAN be declared for fuel?

If recovery fuel is anticipated to be 120lbs or less


When should a MAYDAY be declared for fuel?

If recovery fuel is anticipated to be 90lbs or less


What are the dual/solo fixed reserves?

160 and 200 lbs on downwind


What is the instrument reserve for? When is it carried? How much is it?

An approach from the IAF to the MAPT. Carried when AD forecast more than SCT below MSA/LSALT + 500 or VIS <8km.
60 lbs


What is the visual reserve, how much and when carried?

When AD forecast require alternate due crosswind/downwind, so circuit conditions can be assessed.
20 lbs


What is holding fuel based on?

130 KIAS @ 3000ft AMSL, ISA+10 at 2300 kg, Fuel flow 300 lb/hr


When is holding reserve carried?

Inter - 30 mins 150 lbs
Tempo - 60 mins 300 lbs
OPS/traffic - notam time and quantity


When is the variable reserve carried and how much?

For all medium and high level NAV sorties - 10% of climb, cruise and descent to destination and alternate (if req'd).
^does not include 10% of reserves, just flight fuel


What does the required fuel include (reserves, etc.)?

Flight fuel to destination and alternate (if req'd), fixed reserve, variable reserve, holding reserve, approach reserve, solo reserve.