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What should a student do if a malfunction is suspected?

Notify the aircraft captain in some way ie. "prop RPM - confirm ops normal"


How should a student operate switches/cb's etc. in simulated and real emergencies?

Identify and confirm before selection. Included "simulate" in patter and do not operate until told to "select" by aircraft captain.


What can trainees simulate in emergency training?

Practice forced landings IAW 2FTS SI OPS 2-2


Who can use which circuit breakers to simulate emergencies?

2FTS QFI's and Cat B pilots can use the CB's in the table in SI.


Restrictions on EFATO simulation?

Only QFI's can initiate
PSI not below 5 if below 500ft AO
At night, when recovery above circling minima


Low level engine failure practice can be conducted when?

Only QFI's may retard PCL to IDLE if airspeed 180KIAS or greater.


Can students practice turnbacks in the circuit?



Can the aircraft be flown with a compass system US?



Actions on US ASI?

Providing fuel/time permit, get a shepherd aircraft to follow and call out airspeed till late final when shepherd overshoots.
If shepherd not available, consideration for indexer approach by FLTCDR.


What should be done if the AHRS topples (ie. error flags) during continuous aeros?

Conduct an AHRS reset. If a fault appears (eg. ATTITUDE FAIL), reset should not be attempted unless absolutely necessary.


What instruments will be available following a total AHRS failure?

Standby AI, standby compass, ADF relative bearing, TACAN/VOR radial and CDI when set, LLZ and ILS, DME.


When should command ejection be on/off?

ON with qualified PC9 pilot in rear seat, captains discretion when non qualified in rear seat.


How is an ejection simulated?

Aircrew must not place hands on the handle and must not simulate pulling action. Simulated by placing both hands on right knee and verbalising "abandoning now".


When can the word "eject" be used in flight?

Never. Briefs and simulated ejection should use the word abandon.


Considerations for ejecting low level

Pilot must level wings
Attempt to use energy to achieve upward vector


What indicates a heavy landing? Actions on?

Exceeds or likely to have exceeded 3G
If possible abort TnGo. If not, continue and do not raise the landing gear and make full stop.


What is limitation for students for:
Min EFCU height in CCT
Normal relight

500ft AO
1000ft AO
Not below 3000ft AO


When can students attempt a turnback to high/low key?

In accordance with their solo privileges. Minimum turnback gate for all phases is 1500ft AO.


What are the requirements for students aborting?

Students may not practice aborts. May brief abort up to rotate.


Actions on ELU failure during start

Continue start normally, after EPU disconnect - BAT master on, caption should extinguish. If not, check C/B and reset if req'd. Sortie can proceed if caption extinguished, otherwise U/S aircraft.


Actions on ELU failure during flight

As per boldface. If resetting, maintain not below 1000ft AO.


How should you rejoin during EFCU operations?

Via initial and pitch or PFL


When can practice EFCU recoveries be flown?

Anytime when 2FTS QFI is aircraft captain.


Considerations for flying an EFCU recovery?

- Plan for full stop or go around
- Front and rear ISOL/ARM for duration
- Go around should be flown on EFCU but PCL can be used
- If TnGo req'd, toggle back to idle after flare. Then power to nominal 40PSI with PCL.


When can solo students conduct forced landings and how?

In PTA's, use the duty runway at Pearce or Gingin. May request 05/23 if conditions suitable (Pre-AHT need DI approval)
Outside PTA's, when on approved Nav's/Deployments on any sealed RWY in ERSA with >5000ft landing distance available.


When can students land beyond 1500ft markers in forced landing or PFL?

Dual practice - When touchdown with at least 3500ft remaining.
Solo practice - Go around as per criteria.
Real - use sideslip, flap, common sense and power to ensure touchdown within 1500ft.

Practice cases: Make mention whether would have continued or abandoned if real case.