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Who has the power to undertake a controlled delivery?

Customs officer only, if controlled delivery operation is successful police make the arrest and conduct prosecution


What are some opportunities for controlled deliveries?

Good that are moving in unaccompanied freight consignments
Unaccompanied baggage
Unaccompanied motor vehicles
Unaccompanied international postal items


What are the two options for a controlled delivery?

Option 1 - clean controlled delivery where no drugs are left within the consignment. eliminates any risk of drugs being lost, reduces risk of alarming targets. However only able to prove importation or conspiracy

Option 2 - leave an amount of drug within condiment to enable option is possession for supply charge, also provides emergency powers. Requires greater security and recovery on termination is paramount


What are some methods of profiling there delivery address

Housing nz
Photographs/video of premise
Rubbish delivery time and date
Previous occupants/neighbours
Telecommunications service providers
Council plans
Electricity/gas provider
Timing of mail to address


What should you consider when you profile the addressee?

Previous occupiers
Real person or false name
Connection to delivery address
Relevant convictions/nothing’s
Travel/connection to country of origin
Bank accounts
Full identification of target if possible
Police intel held


Observation post, what must you consider once you ID suitable address?

Proximity to target address
Unobtructed line of sight to target address
Access to and from address without arousing suspicion
Phone lines available in street
Ability to beam signals or tap into telecom cables( video and audio interception)


What evidence should you look for at address in regards to importation?

Track and trace receipts
Computers, faxes and cell phones
Contact lists/numbers
Packaging from previous importations
Money and financial records
Scales and packaging
PO Box documentation
Travel documents


Difference between 13A moda and s23 and s&s 2012

13a - RGT believe
23 - must be under arrest for offence against s6, 7 or 11 moda. Constable must have RGT believe person has secreted within body any property with may be evidenc of offence which person is charged

Class of drug

13a - must be class a or b
23 - any class

Search for

13a - only class a and b
23 - class a, b and c

Who may request it?

13a - any constable or customs officer
23 - constable

Who do they request

13a - district court judge for a detention warrant
23 - require suspect to permit medical practitioner to conduct internal examination

Type of medical practitioner

13a - approved by commissioner of police or CE of customs
23 - nominated for the purpose by constable

Detention time

13a - 7 days renewable in periods of 7 days to a maximum of 21 days
24 - suspect fails to permit examination and court satisfied that requirement for internal examination properly made on RG. Court may decline to consider bail. 2 days.


When are controlled delivery operations conducted?

They are conducted Persians to section 12 of Moda and are used when illicit drugs are detected entering then country in an effort to ID those responsible for importation and to secure sufficient evidence for a prosecution