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6 things outside that are clan lab indicators


Ppl coming outside only to smoke
Exhaust fan running at odd hours
Access denied to landlords, neighbors etc
Chemical odours coming from building, rubbish or detached building
Expensive security gear
Windows blackened out or curtains always drawn
Occupant unfriendly, appear secretive, exhibit paranoid or odd behaviour
Frequent visitors at odd hours


Inside clan lab indicators

Containers with clear liquids in them with chalky coloured solid on the bottom
Lab glassware equipment and documents
Used coffee filters containing either a white pasty or reddish brown
Baking dishes or similar containing white crystalline substance
Presence of hot plates near chemicals
Containers with two layered liquids in them, one dark coloured layer and one clear or pale yellow layer


Unplanned entry

Clan lab discovered during course of normal day to day duties


Safety considerations entering clan lab


Leave area immediately, your safety is paramount
Never touch, taste or smell any chemicals or equipment
Do not attempt to stop the chemical reaction or turn any electrical devices such as lights or fans on or off.
Do not shut off the water supply to the house or the chemical reaction
Do not smoke in or near a clan lab
Do not use tools, radio, cellphones, torches
Do not renter the premises


If you are exposed to a clan lab what symptoms may you have

Watery or burning eyes
Burning skin
Coughing or choking
Pain in diaphragm


planned entry

When you have knowledge of a suspected clan lab ahead of time


Definition of emergency

Actual or imminent danger to human health or safety or a danger to the environment so significant that immediate action is required to remove the danger


4 points for an unplanned entry


Immediately remove persons of interest from the premises
Isolate the site and maintain a safety perimeter
Preserve the crime scene
Notify their duty inspector or duty nco
Seek medical advice if you experience any adverse effects



90 second rule

This rule assumes that if the offenders are present and moving inside the lab then the atmosphere will sustain life. It assumes that the IET May enter safely and extracts the suspects for a period of up to 90 seconds


If CYPs are present what is the immediate actions


Removal of CYP from immediate scene
Assign an officer to look after and monitor
Provide age appropriate explanation about what is going on and what is going to happen
Medical assessment of the child by ambulance staff for injury, illness and respiratory distress
Request for CYF to attend the scene
Distribute PPE to CYF staff and decontamination kit for th children
Place child in tyvek suit or wrapped in blanket
Most appropriate decontamination for the child or YP
Photograph child or YP
Record physical condition of child or YP and any injuries
Record mental state of child or YP
Consider securing clothing worn by child or YP
Prelim interview of child
Inform CYF of power/authority to remove or detain child
Furnish SW 39 warrant or 42 placement for
Brief SW of any relevant information gained from prelim
Brief SW health and safety concerns


What should prelim of child or YP covers

Basic health questions
Occupants details
Details of other siblings, children or YP at the address
Sleeping arrangements
Playing and eating areas
School or pre school details
The name of their dr
Knowledge of drugs, manufacturing, dealing activities