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How do you defend against a conservative style player?

There's relatively not much you can do. If they bet, and you don't have much, just get out of the way.


How do you defend against an aggressive or super aggressive player?

The two main defensive strategies are the Hammer and the Rope-a-Dope.


Explain the Hammer.

When you see a super-aggressive player move into a pot, and you have some kind of reasonable hand, don't just call; come over the top with a big raise.

Once in a while, of course, they'll actually have a real hand, and you'll be in big trouble.


Explain the Rope-a-Dope.

With genuine strength, you can just call a super-aggressive player, rather than making what would be normal raises against another player.

By indicating an indifferent hand or perhaps a drawing hand, you encourage him to keep trying to push you out of the pot. When employing this strategy, you make only one raise, at the very end of the hand.


What do you need to know about a player in order to defend yourself against them?

Their basic playing style.


When should you show your hand?

Only when you have a very good reason to do so. The more hands you show, the more information you give.