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When should you use the road to the sale steps?

Every time you start a new interaction.


How many steps are in the road to the sale?



What are the steps to the sale?

1) Meet and Greet
2) Trade Evaluation / Interview
3) Presentation
4) Assess the vehicle / Trial Close
5) Deliver the Pencil
6) Present the Numbers


What is the first step to the sale?

Meet and Greet.


What is the word track for the Meet and Greet?

Hi, Welcome to Herrin-Gear Lexus, are you just staring to shop around and look today?

Great!, Well my job is to answer any of your questions, and provide you with all the information that will help you select a vehicle to fit your needs. With your permission, I’d like to show you some of the vehicles we have on sale! Fair Enough?

Great, btw are you adding or replacing a vehicle today?


What do you say if they say that they are replacing a vehicle in the Meet and Greet?

Awesome! Where is the trade?

After whatever the say you start to walk and then ask:

Let me ask you, do you like to save time and

After they say yes you say:

Me too! For that reason my customers love it when I take them to the trade
first to save a little bit of time, and at the same time I’m going to ask you a few questions about the equipment you would like on your new vehicle and try to save you a little bit of money. Sound good?


What does the road to the sale refer to?

It refers to the steps in which you should take each time you have a new customer interaction in order to have a higher success rate of ending with a sale.


What do you say if they say that they are adding a vehicle in the meet and greet?

What type of vehicle are you driving now?
What year?
Are you
the original owner of it?
Are we looking for a new vehicle for you or somebody else today?
Are you looking for something similar to what you have now?
What are some of the requirements you have?