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EBM Casting Criteria

- The foot image must be captured in a NWB, STJ neutral position

- The posterior heel must be captured to allow frontal plane correction of the orthosis (FF:RF balancing)

- The foot image must obtain a precise 3D representation of the foot’s plantar aspect

- The 1st ray should be plantarflexed to the end of its range of motion during casting


what is a major complaint of SWB foam?

artificial increase in varus


why should the 1st ray be plantarflexed to the end of its range of motion during casting ?

to allow the sliding motion of the 1st MPJ (ginglymoarthroidial joint)

- allows for maximal Dorsiflexion


what decreases plantar fascia strain?

- Decreased with lateral forefoot wedge - Increased with medial forefoot wedge - Rearfoot wedges had no significant effect


techniques that do not meet EBM criteria

foam box (SWB leads to dorsiflexion of first ray)

contact digitation (does not capture psoterior heel, SWB leads to dorsiflexion of 1st ray)

pressure plates/ mats (does not allow NWB, WB dorsiflexes 1st ray plantarflexion, does not capture posterior heel, does not capture 3D image of foot)


techniques that CAN meet EBM criteria

plaster casts

STS sock

Laser Scanning

Infrared Scanning


Ideal Scanner Functionality

- meets all EBM criteria

- allows use of all prescription variables

- cost and time efficient

- high degree of reliability

- strong support infrastructure

- intuitive software

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