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This phrase is used to give advice; the main clause is would + verb
Wenn ich du wäre, würde ich...

If I were you, I would (do something)


This phrase also introduces advice and is followed by would + verb
syn.: if I were in your position
Wenn ich an deiner Stelle wäre ("Wenn ich in deinen Schuhen wäre")

If I were in your shoes...


think carefully before deciding to do sth
Ich würde zweimal überlegen bevor

I would think twice before


I think it would be a good idea if you...
Du würdest lieber

You had better...


used to say that sb should do sth else, rather than what they are doing or are planning to do
Es wäre besser (für dich)

you would be better off (+ing)


used when giving advice to sb (spoken)
Das beste, was du tun kannst

your best bet is to...


used to suggest a possible course of action
Du kannst immer

you could always


used to suggest sth to sb
syn.: it would do no harm (to do sth) / it wouldn't hurt (to do sth)
Es ist sicher nicht schlecht/schädlich

There's no harm in (+ing)


used more formally when you are advising sb to do sth which will help them avoid trouble
Ich würde dir raten, etwas zu tun

you would be well advised to...


used to say that you think sb should do sth soon
Es ist an der Zeit, etwas zu tun

it's about time you...


used to warn sb that it is very important to do or not do sth
Was immer du tust

Whatever you do, ...


used for saying that if all other methods have been unsuccessful, there is one last thing you can try to do
syn.: as a last resort, ...
Wenn sonst alles schiefgeht...

If all else fails, ...