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learn a skill or an activity

D: etwas in den Griff bekommen

get the hang of sth


be successful in an exam

D: einen Test bestehen

get through (sth)


used to emphasize that you are very surprised or shocked by sth

D: etwas nicht glauben können

I can't/don't believe it


extremely pleased and excited
(SYN: over the moon)

D: ganz aus dem Häuschen

thrilled to bits


used to talk about how well sb is doing in particular situation
(SYN: get on)

D: gut zurechtkommen

get along


be shocked or surprised

D: verblüfft sein

be taken aback


try to improve your performance, work, behaviour, etc.

D: Ärmel (Socken) hochkrempeln

pull your socks up


suddenly and unexpectedly

D: aus heiterem Himmel

out of the blue


used to say that you continue to be very surprised or upset about sth

D: nicht über etwas hinweg kommen

can't get over sth


if you ARE __________ TO DO STH, you should do it because sb told you to do it, or because it is your responsibility

D: etwas tun sollen

be supposed to do sth


put sb/sth in a room or house and keep them there

D: jemanden einsperren

shut sb/sth in


used to say that a situation happened very quickly when you did not expect it

D: das Nächste woran ich mich erinnere

the next thing I knew


used to introduce information that is surprising but true

D: glaub es oder nicht

believe it or not


make sb suddenly feel extremely afraid

D: jemandem den Schock des Lebens bereiten

give sb the fright of their life