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Otto III between representations of Church and State. Gospel of Otto III, c.1000


Eclessiastical people on left. Seccular people on right.


lots of symbols


Old and New Testament scenes, door of St.Michael's Church, Hildesheim, 1015


door to the hidesheim church

bishop bernwald went to otto to get baptized. Then he noticed the doors and the columns. He then ordered these doors

took 14 years to make because of the lost wax.

Core of wood. Pack wax around. Form wax to finished product.

Pack clay around the wax. Then they bake the clay. That warms the wax witch comes out. Pour bronze in. that goes into the mould which goes into the crevice. Crack off the mould.

bishop designed this. Start with topleft adam and eve. Halfway down place for inscription.

Bottom is where they get kicked out. Bottom right ___. top right is about the passion. Anything on the left is corrected by the new testament on the right.


Bayeux Tapestry, c. 1070

story of roman conquest.

One of these people is pointing to our right.

Saw haleys comet

wool thread with embroidery


Cathedral Complex, Piza. Cathedral begun 1063; baptistery, begun 1153, campanile begun 1174; campo Santo, 13th Century


theya re the 3 buildings that are separate. Cathedral baptistry, leaning tower.

Becomes verymuch like an islamic building after victory. This victory monument. There was an oval dome. Transcepts go way out. Facade made of arcades. Very delicate. On mushy ground.

cemetary behind something?

Mixture of delacacy of architecture, and the facades have an indivdual church inside it.


Christ in Majesty, Apse of the Church of S. Clementine, Taull, Catalonia, 1123, mural painting


not able to have mosiacists do their apses.

They had to import workers from constantinobleto do mosiacs.

Sometiems you dont have those people around to do those skills

had to do a fresco instead.

EGO – I, SUM – I am, LUX – light, MIDI – light of the world

figures at the btottom. Maria,

very well outlined like the byzantines you do.

alpha and omega at the top;.

Behind the figures you have bands of color. Adds excitement and drama to very symmetrical christ figure.

His clothing had been rediced to flat patter. Very symmetrical and not trying to pop out. Garments.


Christ andDisciples on the Road to Emmaus, c. 1100, cloister pier relief at the Abey of Santo Domingo, Silos



after the cricifixion and ressurrection. Jessus and dycples walking

compressing their legs into pier.

Jesus is the only one turning out the way. His fooot pointing towards us

not talking but moving.


Shell., indicates that jesus got a token for each place you go.

St james was known to have healed. He healed a man in equestria who was drowning. When he came out he was covered in seashells. Indicated


Diptych with Doubting Thomas, c. 990; orEchternach, c. 1050



Doubting Thomas


patterns in art.


not the same size, but they are at the same height.


Autun, Gislebertus, Eve, riht half on lintel, north portal on the Cathedral of Saint Lazare, Autun, 1120-1132


Autun: Gislebertus: The 'Magi Asleep, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, c.1125


Pointing to star. Perspective different.


Tree of Jesse,c. 11130, Colored ink drawing on parchment.



topics of stained glass:mary

lineage of jesus. Here is mary of the transmitter.


Four stories being told:

lions: daniel and the lions den.

Shadrak meshak and abiendago

if you have fleece not wet.: fleece.

Burning bush: moses. Taking off shoe.