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Poitiers Cathedral, Crucifixion window, given by Henry II and Queen Eleanor, stained glass, 12th century Abbey Church of St. Denis, west facade, 1135-1140


Christ of the Ascention, Crucifixion, crucifixion of St. Peter.

Left: Virgin Mary and centurion Longinius, angel watches tomb

right: St Jon and Stephaton w/ Sponge, 3 women at tomb.


Chartres Cathedral, Royal Portals, west facade, c.1140-1150


right, the sculpture depicts his earthly life, and includes scenes like the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, and the Presentation in the Temple

On the left, we see the Second Coming of Christ (some experts understand this to be the Ascension of Christ)

The centre portal illustrates the End of Time as laid out in the Book of Revelation.

at bottomare tacked on so they can be removed.


Flying Fish of Tyre from a Bestiary, c.1185


the perspective is warped to where we can see waves from the side of the ship and the top of the water. The fish extends across the border making it feel more inclusive.


Facimile of page with Holdegard's Vision, Liber Scivias, c.1150-1200.


reporting vision to monk Volmar who holds closed codex

holy inspirtation and writes on wax tablet illumination

illustrates her first text, scilvias


Master of Ingeborg Psalter, Ingeborg Psalter, “Pentecost,” made for Queen Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of France


made for king of france

vellum paper

 The feet extend past the frame, Implies that they are sitting somwhere farther away from the picture


Bible (Bible Moralisee), c.1250, illuminated manuscript: God as architect o the universe


God uses a compass to measure the universe

 leg extends from the frame

very naturalistic clothing with detailed folds


Christ, “Le Beau Dieu,” trumeat, central portal, west facade, Amiens Cathedral


Christ welcoming people in the middle of the two doors on the west facade. Has new testament. canopy over head. naturalistic. Standing on an adder snake, and the lion. He is a triumphing Christ over the snakes and lions


Annunciation and Visitation, west portal, center doorway, right jamb: Cathedral of Notre Dame, Reims, Ca.


Mary is 2nd one. To her left is the angel Made by two different artists

Mary is 3rd.

Talking to her sister.

Clothing is naturalistic


Last Judgement, single leaf from a psalter by William de Brailes, 1230-1260


mouth of hell at the bottom, devil and sad people

christ trampling two dragons

William: he's being saved. Angel comes in with a sword and the author is saved as well.


Ekkehard and Uta, west chapel sanctuary, Naumburg Cathdral, Germany, c. 1245, 1253, Assisi, Italy


6'2 and looks like a lot of people from poland

she is very ellegant pulling her collar, spreading her fabric out to stay warm

 look at the hands on the man. look nervous, prehaps that was his mental, she has a rather glamorous hand.


La Chatelaine de Vergi, front, lod, and left end, first half 14th cen., ivory carving relief. Paris


Two lovers that were dancing together, they get found out and commit suicide

elephant ivory


Giotto, Annunciation to Anna, In the Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy, c. 1305


Anna is grandmother. She is having a child, She and her husband are barren. She couldn't give a sacrifice at the chapel

Servant girl on the left

Generally has blue as a unifying factor. Giotto was beginning of renissance painting.


Miracle of the Crib at Greccio, fresco in upper church of St. Francis, c. 1295-1330, St Francis Master


Two churches stacked on top of each other.

People payed lots of money to the christ child.

Everyone paying attention to the baby except the monks who were singing.


is similar to Coppo di Marcovaldo, Crucifix, c. 1250-1270


historated with stories of the passion

in 1204 Constantinople had a revival of byzantine art

lioncloth wrapped around him


Rogier van der Weyden, Saint Geroge and the Dragon, 15th cen. Flemish @ Apocolypse tapestri Le dragon vosmissant un grand fleuve


town,dragon outside, bringing sheep to sacrifice, then princess, but george saved the princess and killed the dragon

attention to landscaped in the south, soon theitalians learn landscape

the castle on the hills is out of date