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A change in the quality or pattern of mental activity such as increased alertness or divided consciousness is called

Altered state of consciousness


Consciousness can be defined as a set of action potential is occurring among neurons in which of the following views

Cognitive neuroscience


Which of the following is an example of an automatic process

Brushing your teeth


Which of the following statements is false

It is safe to drive and talk on a cell phone as long as it is hands-free


The sleep wake cycle typically follows a 24 hour cycle and is regulated by the

Suprachiasmatic nucleus


The penal gland received instructions from the_______ to release_________.

Suprachiasmatic nucleus......melatonin


Which of the following is involved in determining when we sleep

Body temperature


Which theory states that sleep is a product of evolution

Adaptive theory


Which of the following is a characteristic of stage N3 or slow wave sleep

Deepest sleep level


Sleepwalking occurs in stage______ sleep where as nightmares occur in stage ________sleep



In Freud's theory the actual content of a dream is called

Manifest content


Michael finds that most of his dreams are little more than random images that seemingly have been put into a strange story line which in theory of dreams best explains this

Activation synthesis hypothesis


According to Calvin Hall around what are most dreams centered

Every day life


Study show that most people tend to

Dream in color


The primary key to hypnosis is finding someone who

Accepts suggestions easily


Some researchers have suggested that hypnosis may work due to an individual personal expectations about what being hypnotized is supposed to be like and the individual's ability to play a particular role and given Social Situation which theory of hypnosis best accounts for these possible explanations for an individual's behavior while hypnotized

Social cognitive theory


Your friend tells you she is seeing a therapist who wishes to use hypnosis as part of her therapy however your friend is concerned that she might be hypnotized without knowing what might you tell her

That you actually hypnotize yourself and you cannot be hypnotized against your will


Which theory of hypnosis sis includes the idea of "hidden observer"



As consequences to stop being drug use headaches nausea shaking and elevated blood pressure are all signs of

With drawl


What drugs physical withdrawal symptoms include severe mood swings's or crash paranoia extreme fatigue and an inability to feel pleasure



Which of the following statements about nicotine is true

In terms of addictive power nicotine is more powerful than heroin or alcohol


___________Is a tranquilizer that is also known as a date rape drug



Typically opiate have the ability to

Suppress the sensation of pain


Most studies of marijuana is effective found that

It creates a powerful psychological dependency


Drain is aware that she was sitting in her psychology class and is almost lunchtime she is also aware of how tired she is after staying up late to watch a movie with us if Gina is aware of what she is going on around her and what is going on within her that it is safe to say that she is in

State of waking consciousness


What part of the brain is influential in determining when we sleep



As the sun begins to said Winston finds himself becoming more and more sleepy what structure is sensitive to light and influences went to go to sleep and went to awaken

suprachiasmatic nucleus


Carlos is putting in all nighter in preparation for his big psychology test tomorrow according to the research what is the result on Carlos's memory when he deprives himself of sleep the night prior to his exam

Carlos will actually remember less if you deprives and south of sleep the night before


Your uncle Carl who recently retired has mentioned how he doesn't sleep as well as he did when he was younger for many years here regularly slept about 7 to 8 hours but now that he is in his 60s he tends to only get 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night what would you tell him

Getting less sleep seems to be a common consequence of aging


You find yourself driving very late at night as you're driving you realize that you were actually falling off to sleep for a couple of seconds such a phenomenon is known as

Micro sleep